October 28, 2003


I'm back! XD Wait...I thought I posted in DDC?! Yeesh. Have to type everything again.

Blargh. Anyways, I'm reading GW doujin again, and here's a cute one...(check out the little squares falling on Trowa's head.)
The title is a tad...odd O.o;; and it's shounen ai...3+4. Read it if you don't mind seeing both of 'em kiss. Oh...don't visit the main site. I mean it! That is, unless you happen to be perverted, in which case I can't help you O.o;; the other doujin are...yaoi and the webmistress supposedly bars under-18s to enter. XD (don't look at me like that! >_<;;)

Ah...went to East Coast this morning XD Cycled and skipped stones. Skipping stones is now officially Qian's new hobby. XD (Me too.)
Mechanics of Skipping Stones
1. Get a flat stone, most preferably round and small
2. Flick the stone like a frisbee as hard as you can, all the while making sure the stone is at an angle to the water such that it skims the surface.
A light stone will bounce off the surface of the water which is like a block when hit at high speed, and skimming the surface lightly will give minimal contact :D This page is a reffy too...so I was right about the frisbee part O.o;;

Disconnected again...augh. This thing disconnects a million times a minute. SINGNET I HATE YOU!! D'YOU HEAR ME???? Sheesh. It hates me...not again. Foof.

Another 3x4 site thing…*pokes the icons*
Of course, best to leave some parts alone O.o;;

Shwee…me wanna go now. Ja mata ^_^


ShikuroNEKU is currently irritated at the Singnet modem >_<

October 27, 2003

Word of the Day: Hyperventilation! XD

Bleargh. Modem decided to disconnect X.x;;
Here's a site to visit :D
XD Shoulda have known before the exam.

lol...I remember there was once someone on the oekaki posted a picture, and discovered she was bi(sexual O.o) after that...I commented on that, saying she wasn't alone there, and it *is* natural for teens and such...I thusly stress that it *is* natural! Cuz...dat other person mentioned above is moi O.o If you don't understand this moment, skip this paragraph right this moment, pack your bags and go to Hokkaido and live in seclusion for 5,453,685,365 years before checking back, to save me from embarassment -_-;; In the first place I dunno why I'm even posting this here. Uh...okie...to save everyone else, I shall thusly stop writing on this now. *pushes everyone else onto the next paragraph and sweeps the area clean* I shall not be responsible for the tainting of *purer* minds. -_-;; AND *don't* talk to me about it unless you have a chatroom open in LMS(nygh, duh). Even so I may not answer. Forget that. *rants*

Blargh, got that over with. XD Anyways, noted the commenting system yet? Newest thing on the blog, besides the CSS! ^_^ Note the sheep...

lol...*is currently bored* Okie...I think I'll have to update mai site soon too...

Oh yeah...this afternoon Qian was drawing on her hand...XD Scan will be coming soon XD Autographs left by 3 people: Weixin, Gwen and I, not to mention Qian also did some odd things...mai white pen is currently recuperating...XDDD

Bleargh. Tests...
Water Dragon: Always at one with nature. you're the
calm type, but when it comes to anger, you're a
force to reckon with. You're scales are mostly
blue or silver. you breathe air since you live
under water.

-What type of dragon are you?-
brought to you by Quizilla
Well, well. Whaddya know?

Quatre Kitty
You are a Quatre Kitty,you're sweet and kind,you
and Dorthy Kitty don't get along that well,but
you always find away to have fun

What Gundam Wing kitty are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
Ahaha...last time I got Tro-kitty XDD This pic is from an adoption site, y'know. XDD *pokes kitty -Quat-*

Blarg. Me wanna go now...so ja mata. ^_^

ShikuroNEKU is currently peaceful-ish. :)

October 25, 2003

:: Brave Eyes ::

XDDDD Went to Kino yesterday and got a M.A.G.E mag, the first I've bought XD I read the other issues in Borders. Was halfway through a How to Draw Manga book when someone took it away to wrap up. Yeesh. It's hard to find open-book copies of the great books they got there...and I found a book on blogs, by the people who founded Blogger...O.o;;

Bwee. I'm building mai site now...adding a midi Jukebox. XD It'll prolly be up later, I've still got like 1h 25 mins in the library till speech when I can fall asleep and rest mai mind XDD

Me wanna start a dream bloggie...Let's see...I think it's gonna be the other blog I started but never bothered to update XD Nothing much to put in it anyways.
Shikkoku no Tsubasa means (very)Black Wings. I got it from the title of a Zoids eppy :D

I'm listening to Brave Eyes now, Quatre's Blind Target img song. Blind Target amuses me...Duo calls Quatre "dead man" in the manga XD It was originally on audio, then drawn into manga by Sakura Asagi (who also did the original chara designs for the Saint Beast charas :D).

Did I forget to mention that Pet Shop of Horrors is also one of mai fave mangas? XD Book 3 is out now in English! Considering I only discovered the manga only recently, the artist draws really fast...or is it the translation? ^^;;

Lol...thoughts of Neopets now...if there's anyone reading this blog who has 300,000 NP to spare, or these 3 items:Krawk Morphing Potion, Maraquan PB and Darigan PB that you don't need/want, please give me ^_^;;; Post on mai taggie-board for the details. XD If you like, mai user is cyclonex, pets are Rainbowhiptail(Shoyru), Kuroibane(Eyrie), Ultimadragonfire(Scorchio) and Whiptooth(Chomby). Go see! (and mai shop too XD)

Whee. It's dangerous to blog in school, so I'm signing off now. Ja mata!

ShikuroNEKU is currently feeling Quatre-ish(? O.o) =^_^=

October 23, 2003


XDDDDDDDD I'm feeling really hyper now, and my typing speed has reached 1,473,655,413,625,365 words per minute XDDDDDD w00t Tomorrow be a holiday...me wanna go to Kino. XDD To raid manga! w00t w00t Also to check out if there's any chance I can get those 'How to draw manga' books. Mwee...I've been hoping for those for a loooooong time. Blargh.

Updated mai site again. Check out [Writing on the Wall], for Fly-Away Fish and March of the G-boys (and some mauling of smokers). XDD The second is very odd, so expect to fall over frothing at the mouth. XDD Updated quotes too, so go see the things people say. XDDD

New emoticons! ~~~~(m--)m Yuurei! Or ghost in Jap XDD
o~* Bomb XDD *boom!*
LOL. *amusion*

CHIHUAHUA! *dun dun dun dun* CHIHUAHUA! *dun dun dun dun* CHIHUAHUA! *dun dun dun dun*CHIHUAHUA!...XDD Love the advert. I've turn into an AF sheep saying CHIHUAHUA! It's catchier than "Four legs good, two legs bad!"

Which reminds me. I'll try to do "Sushi of England" in [writing]. XDD Based on Beasts of England (surprise, surprise!) XDDDDDDD I got really amused doing that. Again, Qian (as Icarus) and I did the demented song-thing.

Nyaa...I'll try to put mood emoticons on the blog from now on ^_^
So there. Gotta go soon. Ja!


October 22, 2003

ShikuroNEKU (1991~2003~), revived after death of IRS poisoning to update her blog...

BLEH. Darn Internet connection broke off. Destroyed the last bit before I could even post it. *whacks the modem*

Anyways, a test:
You are the golden dragon. Associated to the sun
you are a very happy and preacful creature. You
enjoy the company of others and love warm

What colour dragon are you?(has pics)(done!)
brought to you by Quizilla
I did another two just now and I really can't be bothered to do them again. Just say Quatre is mai bishie and got married to me.(Or is it got married to him?...Odd.) lol...A gold dragon is myself in a profile pic(bad grammar). XDDDD

Blargh. Can't be bothered to write so much now...anyways, been playing Savage Skies (PS2) for 2 Saturdays now, and mai favourite chara is Rohn the ice -DRAGON-. Dragons...gotta love 'em. Pritty creatures. Rohn is ice...I luv the ice cloud. Go play the game. Rohn was unlocked with a cheat tho.

Nyaa...hopefully I'll be going back to TNS on Sat...to spread the propaganda. Artificial cheesecake says only a short while tho. After that it's falling-asleep-hearing-a-speech-time.

lol...*is thinking about the number of tests she got matched up with Quatre* there's a darn lot of them y'know. At least 20. Qua-chan ^_^ *starts acting Quatre-ish* *starts speaking Quatre Jap* Tatakatcha ikenainda, bokutachi wa! Nyeah. That means,"Let's not fight, everybody!" O.o Odd but really cute. Squee *starts acting Quatre-ish again* *waits for Tro-chan to come along for absolutely -hear that, _absolutely_ - no reason at all* Okay...I'm now hurting my teeth on an extremely hard, chewy (...?) sweet. Those White Rabbit ones. *Owchies*

I wanna update mai site again. Look out for some changes. XDD

Shyeah...wanna go now. Ja mataaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ShikuroNEKU O~* *boom!*

October 21, 2003

~Last Impression~

Singing Last Impression ^_^ with the MIDI. XDD And I have the score. It confuses me tho.

IRS presentation tomorrow...I'm so afraid...I really haven't got anything to say...right at these times I can only tell myself that it won't kill me, that time will eventually pass, leaving me feeling however I feel later on, but I 'll get over it. Arg...have to get ppt up, but seriously...I dunno what to do...I'm also too lazy...(and Mr. Chaaaaan doesn't seem to care. Sooo helpful. *sarcasm*)I'll also appreciate it if anyone can give me a feasible topic for next year. Pwease...

Sigh...With a little luck I'll finally get a tablet. That is, if I finish reading an O-level physics textbook (or was it A-level? O.o;;)

I'll be trying to update my site again. Heh. Get a MIDI player up, and such. With luck get a back button up for the chromeless.

lol...out of lots of the GW tests at Quizilla, I get Quatre almost every time...otherwise it's Heero or Duo. I get Trowa if the questions are hopelessly ridiculous. How 'bout a few...
Horray! you are Quatre Roboba Winer!  You are senstive and hate fighting.
Quatre Raboba Winer

-what gundam wing character are you?(UPDATED AND WITH PICTURES!)
brought to you by Quizilla
Note the spelling of "Raberba". *pokes the pic*
quatre winner
Your ideal Gundam Wing boy is Quatre!

Who is your ideal Gundam Wing boy?
brought to you by Quizilla
Okay...why is everyone spelling his name wrong >_< *sniff**pats Qua-chan*

Haha...me wanna go now...wish me luck for 2morrow's presentation...Ja mata.

October 20, 2003

In Memoriam of ShikuroNEKU (1991~2003), who died of IRS presentation poisoning

O.o;; Oh yeah...I'm gonna die on Wednesday. IRS PRESENTATION AND I HAVEN'T GOT ANYTHING TO SAY!!! *twaps self for picking such a lousy topic**twaps MOE for inventing IRS* Ah well XD Best enjoy life while you can. *party*

Heh...haven't updated mai site in eons...I'm also planning to start another page to rant off on everything I'm unhappy about, ie my darker side. (Do I have one? O.o;;) lol...2 words from Last Impression, Gundam Wing: kizutsuita tsubasa. Wounded wings... the whole line is "kizutsuita tsubasa hirogete", which is "open your wounded wings". The line before is "Akiramenai..." meaning "don't give up..." This part of the song is mai fave ^_^

Talking about songs...I'm hoping to be able to get some mp3s hosted my Jacq. XDDD Brave Eyes be one of mai faves. XDDDD

Blargh. I'm listening to the midi for LI, and singing with it ^_^ gotta love it!

Fave manga artists:
1: Mato!
2. Reku Fuyunagi
3. Ken'ichi Sakura
4. Koichi Tokita
5. Yu Yuen Wong

Wanna sign off now...^_^ Ja mata!

October 19, 2003


d00d...met a shiny green bug in the shower. O.o;; Refused to fly away even after poking it(carefully. These things may be poisonous...*shivers*)

Ragnarok called on Friday. Something about my account problem, and the caller was like, "Are you a fan of that Japanese pop group?" O.o;; My chara's name is L'Arc en Ciel, French for rainbow. Heh...

Augh, there's something up with this compy. *hits it* Ah well. I'll be logging off soon anyways. XDD Be playing RO tomorrow. Mai bro's account. :D Prontera! Hope to see ya there! (If you play, of course. XDD) Mata! :D

October 15, 2003


Okie...I've got the compy to myself for an indefinite period of time...I'm just gonna make some odd lists :D

Books I've read in the past few days:
1. Relic (lol...can't remember the first author...something-Preston I think and Lincoln Child. Go read, it's great. XD)
2. Reliquary (Halfway thru...sequel to Relic. XD)
3. The Lion King (some big picture book for reffies to the art style :D)

Games I've played:
1. Ragnarok Online (YAYS!! They're fixing the bug in my account ^____^)
2. Pokemon Crystal (So I can bribe someone with rare Pokemon *cackles evilly*)
3. MRA2
4. Jap Pokemon Ruby

Websites I visit regularly:
1. The Injenn.net oekaki
2. Lion King fanart
3. NYGH email (duh)
4. Ragnarok Online, for the guides :D
5. Qian's site (To bomb the taggie-board)
6. Yahoo

2. O.o;;
3. ^_^;;
4. ^_________^
5. :D

1. Gundam Wing! XDDDD
2. Pokemon Adventures (Mato!!!!!!! ^__________________________^)
3. DRAGON DRIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
4. .hack//Legend of the Twilight Bracelet
5. Fruits Basket
6. Mon Colle Knights (is odd)
7. +Anima (I only have book 1 T_T)

Ah...and 2 tests here...

Heero Banner
You are Heero Yuy!
People may thing you're an emotionless bastard, but
in reality you're just shy and awkward around
people. You like to listen and absorb
information. You take life in.

Which Gundam Wing Pilot would you be? (the stupid question one.)
brought to you by Quizilla


You got white wings, like angels and swans.
You are sweet and innocent, and the most people
like you...
The others, on the other hand, think you make them

What color are your wings? (now with Images! )
brought to you by Quizilla

O.o;; *just said "human people"* *is odd* Ah well. Ja mata! ^_^

October 10, 2003

Exams are over~ and Ragnarok Online's here to stay!

Yays! XDD Exams are over! So fun! XDD I shall thusly devote my post-exam period to:
1. Ragnarok Online Malaysia :D
2. Drawing and oekaki-ing
3. Sleeping
4. Spending the AEP and HMP days bugging my bro w/ the fact that he's still gotta go to school XDD
5. Playing Pachabel's Canon in D, If We Hold On Together, Guan Huai Fang Shi, Take these Wings, Ruuju(Rouge, Chinese: Rong Yi Shou Shang De Nu Ren), Turn Left Turn Right theme Yu Jian, Can You Feel The Love Tonight, Peng You, Somewhere Out There, cuz these are all I know by heart XDD There's actually a lot.
6. Bombing Qian's Tag-board with comments that start with "Most Insane One,"
7. Overall, HAVING FUN!! XDD

I mentioned Ragnarok Online just now...maybe you've heard of the international version. Now there's a Malaysian Version for free! ^_^ Catch is, you've got to get the CD-Rom from somewhere, and tons of free space on yer compy. XD Mai (1st) chara is called L'Arc en Ciel, and I'm somewhere in Payon where the archers are born. ^_^ If you play, you might see me throwing random emoticons. (My fave is the sweatdrop (Alt+5) ^_^) Oh, and I walk in zig-zags on the bridge to the South of Payon...look out for me. XDD I'm the demented person who kills only Fabres, Pupas and the odd Willow, but never touch a single Poring or Lunatic (cuz they're all too cute =^__________^=). Check it out! Malaysian webbie is
The international web is
^_________________________^ I'll be happi if you find me on dat! Whee~

lol...I rant a lot on Ragnarok. Time to polish up mai oekaki skills too...I've got a contest to enter (tho I'm not sure if I'll be too un-lazy to enter ^^;;) and gift pics to fellow oekakist frenz...I'll be back soon, so...yeah. XDDD Ja ne!

October 02, 2003


I'm not really updating a lot at the moment, cuz of exams and some websamegame Javascript program that doesn't like me a lot. The darn high-score system doesn't work...I can tweak it a little such that the game can be played, but high-scores aren't recorded. Yeesh. Help me if you think you can...
I've been swimming for the past like, 3 days or so and I've discovered I can cross the pool 16 (cuz it's a nice number :D) times using dog paddle (cuz I can't do anything else. Whaddya want me to do, float? O.o;;). Seems my stamina has increased....I remember sometime earlier I couldn't even swim across the pool. XDDDD
I shall thusly call Qian "honorable sire" from now on. Go see her taggie-board to find out why XDD
*is bored* Boing...and I've also discovered that I can cram a half-chewed Oreo and a non-chewed Oreo into my mouth and eat it in half a second. Which reminds me...earlier in the year I remember eating fish burgers in 4 bites (cuz 4 is a nice number. :D). Now I do it with sandwiches. I've also taken a liking to curry puffs...the ones they sell in school are best :D
Whee. Gotta do up mai webbie now...otherwise "artificial cheesecake" will kill me. XD Ja!