April 24, 2004

w00t I'm back.

Haven't blogged in a long time XD

First off...I shall report on Shinryuu XD
Level: 21/15
Still mage, duh
Guild: Crimson_Knights
(o_o *still can't believe Shin's in a guild* Her name now looks like

Shinryuu (BACKHAM)
Crimson_Knights [FalleN PheoniX]

Fun XD)
Best skill: Cold Bolt lv5
All skills:
Cold Bolt lv5
Frost Diver lv1
Napalm Beat lv4
Soul Strike lv1
Lightning Bolt lv1
Fast SP recovery lv3
Strongest monster killed: Horn (Sniping)
Financial status: Poor...1000+z only
Party: BACKHAM (Leader: RO KILLER_!)
(I seem to enjoy making weird long lists.)
Max Magic damage in one hit (according to stats): 52 (So cold bolt can do max of 260 damage mwahaha!)(Yes I know it's pathetic)

Hmm. XD

There's been this weird thing happening in our class...we're naming ourselves after atoms o_O I'm IRIDIUM! XD

Oh yes. This shall freak some people out. XD
Put your hand flat on the table...put your fingers together and see if your index finger is longer or shorter than your ring finger. XD
Guys tend to have shorter index fingers. Most lesbians have shorter index fingers too. XD Guess what. So do I XD
According to Peanut, Ic-chan is normal o_O Freaky.
Oh yes...strangely enough after I explained this to people around...I seem to have more classmates/friends or so...*ahemahem* "flirting" with me o_O *dies*


Taking Jap test tomorrow...If I get at least 83 for it I can take JLPT 4...*evil grin*

Eep. Can't remember anything else...so ja mata minna! ^_^

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