June 28, 2005

Long time no see! (post)

Bleh. Haven't posted here in a long time. 14 and feel old. I find that the people who draw best are/were 14...so it's best to be a genius at 13. >.>;;;

I find after 5-6 years of drawing I'm hopeless at Photoshop...I find I realise because of the Mangaka05 competition, hoping to win a PSP. *THE* PSP.
Ah well.

This is really short....just blogging because I was waiting for the Campusmoblog.com.sg sms for my account :3 For moblog contest for NY.
Go register for an account and give us a hit. Or -else-. /gg
Or give me a hit!

That's all. Ja mata minna :3

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January 23, 2005

Nearly got short-circuited

Or rather nearly got burnt by a short curcuit. Sort of...

Being very occupied with my digital cam(I call it...digicam :3)(see my scraps! :3), I absent-mindedly placed two charged batteries into my waist pouch. In the pocket closest to my shirt. I use that pocket for storing coins.

So later when I went out, I found my pouch hot, positively burning hot, so in a frantic search throughout my pouch's main pocket I found my mp3 player, GBA, digicam, GB cartridges, handphone and everything else intact and cool. I couldn't figure out what went wrong there, so logically I looked at the entire bunch of metal keychain-things I hung onto a zip on the pouch but those things were fine. Then I reached into that pocket and...


Short circuit. One of the fully charged batteries was found burning, and I couldn't take it out immediately. I managed to get it out later though.

Much later, during dinnertime, I decided to inspect the effect of a short-circuit involving a battery and coins in one's pouch and discovered that...

...there was a brown burn mark on the inside of the pocket.

If I hadn't noticed or cared it might have burned through and damaged a lot of stuff in the pouch. Or even worse it could have burned me.
This is just one of the many examples of the dangers of short-circuitry I suppose

And in the process you have gained knowledge of what junk I keep in my pouch. >.>;; Just for the fun of it, I keep a lot of American coins in my pouch pocket...even though I don't really have much use for them...XD

Went to the Planet Games exhibition last last Friday, as mentioned before...
Played MushiKing, and guess what...
I GOT A SUPER ULTRA EXTREMELY RARE *BOSS* HOLO CARD X3333333 Some Grandis thing or something...Grand something beetle or whatsit.

As of now...I'm doing homework...supposed to at least. All the teachers thought we had extra time to do homework on Hari Raya holiday... All of them gave extra homework which is why I woke up at 7am and on the computer at such an hour. And sacrificed the time I should have spent last night playing FMA Dream Carnival (Roy Mustang is fun to use) on the PS2 and watching my bro play Star Ocean (Till the End of Time).

Trust me, I wouldn't have done that last year. Last year I would have just dumped it aside and hoped the teachers wouldn't chase after me.

I've already asked Mrs. Ting for an extension for English (ERP) and E.Lit (pure) though if I finish it by today I can hand it in tomorrow.

That's about it I guess...back to homework and all...ja mata...

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January 07, 2005

Blind typing

Yes. I typed this while the screen was taken over by the teacher's com XD

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown forx jumps over the lazy dog.

hibite (hashitte) iru kimi no koe
koko de tachidomaru you na jikan wa nai sa

Logo design - BYTE CLUB logo

Design is an evolutionary process. One idea leads to another; oneimage sparks in an idea for the next. Solutions are ffound in the mixing of image and typographic elements - sizing, shaping, adjusting the proximity of one object to another etc.

1. Collect Visual puzzle pieces - bitmaps, clip art, symbols (wingdings)
See other logos

(cannot be accessed from school)

2. Scribble/sketch as many different ideas combining variouys images. Bear in mind the objective is to produce a logo that represents the identity of the club, an identity you want to be part of. Pick 5 strong ideas.

3. Rest and Recovery. See if anything can be simplified.

4. Refind your design: think about simplifying (geometric) shapes, vary the height and width (stretch, skew), distort, add colour; Font outlines, shadows, Typeface.
Think about having an All TYPE logo, or SYMBOLS Logo

5. Add the club's name

6. Test the effectiveness of the logo by showing it to classmates, siblings, parents to at least 2 or 3 people sho know little or nothing about the club.

7. Collectively, choose and finalise the design.

8. Create usage guidelines, and JPEG or TIF files stored for ready use.


Note the various typo errors o_o

Hm. Have to do this Passionata project thing for English. I think I'll do it on RO :3

I can do:
Research on the background of RO
Screenshots with captions
Record of Shin's stats
Miscellanous...have to think about it

Now the only problem I have is organising it. It sounds logical to do it in a sketchbook...but it'd be impossibly hard to put in a content page and the pages are limited.


It's best to do it on pieces of paper then bind it :) But. I need to get the hardcover done by Mon x_x
I'll have to find a way around it then o_o

On school.
This year I'm in 3/10. With a lot of people I know :)
Jia happens to be sitting beside me. And Lingo :3
Qian's there too.
I happen to be sitting in the middle of three at the farthest end of the classroom from the front door...o_o
School's been okay so far...I'm waiting for something exciting to happen.
There's been some portfolio things going on...
Oh yeah Bett's also there, Nat (Ng) is there, ...quite a few bridge players XD

Played bridge today...or at least shuffled the deck.
That resulted in 'vonne's hand having 3 aces, 2 kings, and I think a few Jacks or Queens. She played open hand for fun and won XD The trump was clubs.
I have a lot of fun putting down my King of Clubs...XD

Learnt to snap my fingers over the holidays...this has to do with Roy Mustang. Fire~

Listened to Invoke (Gundam Seed) and decided it sounded like a song out of Gravitation. I wonder why? They're not related at all...

Right now I'm *supposed* to be doing a logo for Byte Club...DDC and com club merged.
Hey...that one in the workbin looks like mine...XD The pacman thing with Byte Club next to it. Mine looks like Byte lub tho. The C is the CD pacman thing...XD
I like my logo :3

Been playing with fractals...Can see more on my gallery. And I think I 'll do avatars too :3 Caught the bug after collecting secret avatars on Neopets.
Animated avatars X3

Arr. Have to go now. Ja mata then ^^

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October 29, 2004

Ometto Samba!

XD New obssession: Prince of Tennis! X3
Fuji is so cute. Why? ... Dunno. I just like characters that always smile. Or smile most of the time at least XD Quatre, Tsuzuki, Kumagorou(...?), ...
All of them smile! XD I have a Fuji badge too...found it randomly in a store ^^ Now...I want Fuji plushiiieeeeee...where did Jia get it from...*evil grin*

Got new CDs! XD Gravitation: 2 CDs, Prince of Tennis: 1 CD, which I claimed for myself. I got a free FMA CD from an artbook XD

Working on a pic now. btw the .breakfree. pic in my devART gallery...the guy in it is now called Fayt :3 Courtesy of Tale. Name from...Star Ocean...o_o And...the pic is of Fayt...kid Fayt...XD Really cute,but the wings are killing me. I think the wings are going to take the longest time, second longest is the hair I think. But I like the eyes. :3 I emphasize on eyes...you know...eyes are the window to a person's soul. Look at someone's eyes, and look at another person's eyes, and chances are you'll notice that the way the light reflects off their eyes are different. You never notice until you look carefully XD

Oh well. I shall end off now...tell me if you see any Prince of Tennis personality tests...XD Ja mata minna!

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August 24, 2004

Boo. XD

Hello. Long time no see ne XD

Got stuff to update on...

Firstly, RO.
Shin's stats:
Base lv: 40
Job lv: 30
Skills: Fire Bolt Lv4, FireBall lv5, Fire Wall lv1, Cold Bolt lv5, Frost Diver lv1, Lightning Bolt lv1, Sight lv1, Soul Strike lv3, Napalm Beat lv4 and Detoxify(mwahahaaaaaaaaa) lv1. Am I missing something? o_o
Area: 2 squares below Morroc...rather profitable, and lots of exp XD Thanks to Ellessis' suggestion.

New anime obssession X3
Mwee! Can go see an odd analysis on DevART http://shikuroneku.deviantart.com/
And. For an online test I got Shuichi XD As expected.

You've been overdosed so many times with chocolate and pocky, that hyperactiveness has become second nature to you. You usually act without thinking, and you trust people too easily, but everything always has a way of working out for you in the end. You also adore blonde nicotine-enhanced writers who think you've got zero talent - but who doesn't?

Which Gravitation Character Are You?

Guess what! I like strawberry Pocky too! XD XD XD

You own an exciting and passion also with your determination.

Sometimes you have the happiness and the unconsciousness of a baby, without a particolar reason... But it's funny, isn't it?

You can also show you as mature and serious, but only when you thing that it needs.

You are a social guy, expansive, you know your talent and you like spread happiness to everyone is next to you.

Well. That's kind of expected XD Yay!

Anywhoooooooo. Blogging in school. So. Gotta finish now. Ja mata! XD

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April 24, 2004

w00t I'm back.

Haven't blogged in a long time XD

First off...I shall report on Shinryuu XD
Level: 21/15
Still mage, duh
Guild: Crimson_Knights
(o_o *still can't believe Shin's in a guild* Her name now looks like

Shinryuu (BACKHAM)
Crimson_Knights [FalleN PheoniX]

Fun XD)
Best skill: Cold Bolt lv5
All skills:
Cold Bolt lv5
Frost Diver lv1
Napalm Beat lv4
Soul Strike lv1
Lightning Bolt lv1
Fast SP recovery lv3
Strongest monster killed: Horn (Sniping)
Financial status: Poor...1000+z only
Party: BACKHAM (Leader: RO KILLER_!)
(I seem to enjoy making weird long lists.)
Max Magic damage in one hit (according to stats): 52 (So cold bolt can do max of 260 damage mwahaha!)(Yes I know it's pathetic)

Hmm. XD

There's been this weird thing happening in our class...we're naming ourselves after atoms o_O I'm IRIDIUM! XD

Oh yes. This shall freak some people out. XD
Put your hand flat on the table...put your fingers together and see if your index finger is longer or shorter than your ring finger. XD
Guys tend to have shorter index fingers. Most lesbians have shorter index fingers too. XD Guess what. So do I XD
According to Peanut, Ic-chan is normal o_O Freaky.
Oh yes...strangely enough after I explained this to people around...I seem to have more classmates/friends or so...*ahemahem* "flirting" with me o_O *dies*


Taking Jap test tomorrow...If I get at least 83 for it I can take JLPT 4...*evil grin*

Eep. Can't remember anything else...so ja mata minna! ^_^

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March 16, 2004










...Well. I'll leave it up to you to translate it.
Typed it on Word as a random thought and it expanded to this much...I'm sure there are enough mistakes in there to fill up 2 buckets.

I'm lonely...I'm bored...sick and tired of waiting for people, my friends to talk to me, to post, to update...the worst part is that the people I wait for most eagerly never post/update in centuries...I still ask myself why I'm this optimistic when I check my tag-board and my devART account for comments every 5 minutes and discover that no one's bothered to comment, or is just offline. I still ask myself why I actually bother to check, post and update my stuff myself...I suppose I'm just hoping that updating my stuff more often will inspire others to do so too. I try at least to make sure others don't get irritated with me...tho I think people get irritated more often than I want it to happen.

I love to type when I'm in this sort of mood. Because...I write better when I feel less optimistic than I usually do. I don't know why. When I'm fuming, when I'm upset, when I'm just more pessimistic than I usually am...I type better. Look at my previous posts...and the mood I typed them in...
More optimistic posts at
However I tend to digress a lot from my original topic(s).

I'm still waiting...and waiting...for the people, the friends who don't update, don't post and never ever will...

I...shall wait...ja mata...

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