June 28, 2005

Long time no see! (post)

Bleh. Haven't posted here in a long time. 14 and feel old. I find that the people who draw best are/were 14...so it's best to be a genius at 13. >.>;;;

I find after 5-6 years of drawing I'm hopeless at Photoshop...I find I realise because of the Mangaka05 competition, hoping to win a PSP. *THE* PSP.
Ah well.

This is really short....just blogging because I was waiting for the Campusmoblog.com.sg sms for my account :3 For moblog contest for NY.
Go register for an account and give us a hit. Or -else-. /gg
Or give me a hit!

That's all. Ja mata minna :3

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