November 27, 2003


Greeeeaaaaaaaaat. Blogger didn't save my last there. Yeesh...anyways, I'm doing (supposed to be doing) my WWI portfolio now...heh...

'Kays, this is for Ic-kun (I shall call her Ic-kun so as to...uhhhh...give her some face? O.o) and other Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town gamers:
1. Grow cucumbers in Spring...and make sure your rucksack is upgraded to the largest. Store 8 cucumbers in your bag, hold one, and bring it to the lake with the mine in it. Take the path to the mountain's peak. There is a lake there.
2. If you like, cast your fishing line in there...a kappa will appear, and spin off like a Beyblade. (O.o) Fling a cucumber in there. (Kappa love cucumbers)
3. Before I forget, make sure you have a minimum of 2 8-patches of cucumbers...and one part of the crop must bear cucumbers later than the other(s). No reason for the extras...actually you only need 10 cucumbers, but since you can ship 'em off, ship 'em.
4. Fling a cucumber per day into the same lake. After about 10 days (and about 10 cucumbers) the kappa will give you a power berry. (I think it's a power berry).
5. Simple innit? XDD

Here's some tips:
1. In Spring, grow cucumbers for the kappa (can be done only once, in any season)
2. In summer, grow corn for chickens
3. In Fall, grow sweet potatoes (I got MONEY!! XDDDD)
4. In winter, visit the winter mine in the kappa lake thing and get gemstones. At the 9th level (I suppose it's 9th...I did it only once, so I don't know if it's random) underground which can be reached by digging with your hoe, there is a pond...try fishing in it, if you're not dead tired. I suggest upgrading your fishing pole first. The music is winter music in the underground lake area, if you want to know...but it's distorted. And the fish get off the hook real fast. I suggest buying medicine first, or storing black grasses and eating them when you need them. Get them by digging.

The girls:
Likes: Diamond, Necklace
Neutral: Most other gemstones
Dislikes: Corn (I think)

Likes: Corn, Broach, Pink Cat Flowers
Neutral: Most other gemstones
Dislikes: Honey

I think that's all I know about the girls. XD Names of my animals:

Cow: Kazusa ( I actually wanted to name it Kusa-something, but Kazusa kept popping up in my mind... XD Kazusa is in Yami no Matsuei, Devil's Trill by the way. XD)

Sheep: Dolly (Cloning XD)

Suzaku (O.o)
Pecopeco (the name of a monster in Ragnarok Online XDDD Yes...RO has taken over my life...)
Gusho-chan (I think I've been eaten up by Yami no Matsuei...)
[I forgot...]

lol...on Ic-kun's hoeing of the chickens...that's cruel O.o;;;;;;
To take cows, sheep and the horse out, you need to shove them out...goodness knows what the game creators were a result, I lost my horse...baka Barley (alliteration! XD) took 'im back...
Chickens are cute. XD I made a kind of chicken pen for them. XDDD They get happier if you put them out, y'know. btw, it's impossible to move cows and sheep that have fallen asleep against the wall after 9:00pm...
9:00pm is synchronised sleeping time. XD All the animals fall asleep at exactly 9.
Buy a basket if you harvest lots at's easier to harvest that way. Just pick it up and put it down again. XD To empty it, talk to the bin while holding the basket. XD

I've seen my dog chase away a stray before XDDDD like those chicken festival things. XDDDD except you can't control the dog. When you save the game and press the B button, that's the stray dog whining. XD

Hey...I still have like 500+ bushels of chicken feed even after 1 year XDD That's why you should plant corn. XD

Methinks I've gone on too much about HM. XDD

You are Gascogne,
Always with a smile and says it like it is. You
can be counted on to lend a hand and give hell

Which VanDread Character Are You
brought to you by Quizilla
XDD *amusion* Gascogne is my fave Vandread chara besides Meia...XDD The test didn't say anything about sarcasm tho. I'm pretty sarcastic at times. XD

Haha...btw, I think I lost achievement O.o;;; the pouch I always carry is getting looser. O.o But I won't deathglomp 'cuz people'd suffocate...O_o

Heh...W_A_K_E_D is having an art competition. XD for their charas. I'll try to enter tomorrow. XD Secret weapon: Trouble Tamer icons! XDDD
It's a little difficult to read, but...yeah. XDD I'm looking forward to the priz--*gets hit by a flowerpot*
*bleeds from head*


*gets up* O.o Odd, yeah...

Anime/manga/game charas with unibangs XDDD
1. Trowa (obviously)
2. Muraki (Ahhhhh!! Run fer your lives!!)
3. Quatre's dad
4. Noin (They must all be related...)
5. Kyo (From King of Fighters...)
6. Your player in Harvest Moon (that hardly counts -_-)

Kinda pointless huh...

Created charas with unibangs:
1. Nanashi (by Nanashi X3 Who is a fan of Tro-chan)
2. Walamon (by j.c. XD Who is holding the contest at W_A_K_E_D)
3. Quatromon (by me XDDDD Who is DEMENTED! XD)

Whee...btw, Ic-kun...o_o you have a choice of whether to read the comments on the last post or not. Just don't get a heart attack, ok? O.o;; Unless you've read it already. It's an odd convo between me and Kai...

Haha...Kai, you don't have anything to blackmail me with now! XD

*grins* Today was the second time I ever ate venison...XD It's nice! XD Did you know hoo-mans are red meat? XD And so are gorillas and ostriches. XD I won't ever touch gorilla. I hate monkeys. *draconic roar*

Yuppy...I think I really -should- work now. O.o;;;;;;;;; Ja ne, minna-sama!

ShikuroNEKU is currently waiting for Ic-kun to spend some time off HM to comment or something O_o;;

November 24, 2003

Happi B'day to Alana!

Yup. Today's Alana's B'day! *throws flowers* I did a gift piccy for her. Go see the oekaki or the deviantART account XDDD
I also got a kiriban from her site. XDD 5555 to be exact. I'll ask some time later. XD

Just checked mai LMS account. o.o;; Jo's desperate to keep the class forum up. And HgLg's name was pronounced Soo Hong Liang. How helpful. XDD

Blargh. I'm supposed to be doing my ERP now. I'm way too lazy for that. XD Anyways, I just thought I might tell you why I never seem to hand in homework at all. :
1. Procrastination...XD
2. I get yakked at if I take too long on my homework.
3. As a result of 2., I decide to devote recess time to doing homework. However I discover I really can't think properly.
4. I forget. Teachers never believe this anymore...
5. I didn't get it what the teacher was saying. Maybe I'm deaf or something.
6. Deadlines remembered wrongly.
7. I hate handing in incomplete work, or sloppy work. Which happens to be the case of most. For one, you still get punished if you hand in incomplete or sloppy work or both, so...I dunno O.o;;
Gyahaha, that's about it. Meep.

Haha...on something I wrote earlier about bisexuality...*evil snicker* I suppose you got what I meant right? If not...o.o You are odd then. And so am I. Guess what...a study showed that most lesbians have longer ring fingers than index fingers, which occurs mostly in guys. XD My ring finger is longer than my index finger. *amusion* And some of my favourite guy anime charas are voiced by female seiyuu...o.o
Quatre R. Winner = Orikasa Ai
Kurosaki Hisoka = Takimoto Fujiko
Kinda helpful, huh...XDD lol yeah. Once or twice I had odd dreams too. I shall not mention any names. XDDD But maybe y'all can guess. It's not too difficult really XD

Freaked yet? XD Maybe no.

btw Iccie-chan, you didn't say "Squish Zeus!" on Choral Nite. I forgot to remind you XD And if you want to use the tabby, you'll have to find some day and some excuse to come over. XDD Did I say it cost 135 bucks? O.o;; It may or may not be as smooth as the mouse tho.

Whee. Go.see.deviantART.account. Uploaded new art again. Whee. Someday I'll put up the one I sent to MAGE. XDD I can't wait for December~ and the Christmas version of Ragnarok. XDD

My brother fears December. He's got a dentist appointment, see...on the second. XDD He takes 5 seconds (or less) to brush his teeth. XD btw, next year's his PSLE...with luck I'll get to go to Japan again!! XDD I know what to look for this time. XDD *stalks the manga* Maybe I could get Kaze no Yukue there. XDD Mato doujin! It's GW btw, with the Fishmonger Heero and Merchant Quatre in it. XD Oh, and SD chibichibi Tro-chan in it. XDD *daydreams*

Oddness...y'know bro has altered the Chihuahua music he's going,"*dundundundun* POODLE!" Yeah, yeah, you may now hyperventilate. I shall not be responsible if you have to go for a lung operation.

Strangest typos I've ever seen:
1. *waves a fish* (fish)
2. Blooger (Blogger)
3. Mucsle (Muscle)
4. Satood (Stood)
5. Daiyamondodargon (Daiyamondodragon)
6. ShikuroNKU (ShikuroNEKU)
Sadly, I've never done any that said "Iccle-chan". Maybe y'all can help me do it. XDD Onegai minna! XD

Whee. I haven't said anything about mai Jap class yet, right? XD I started just last Saturday. Satoo-san. XD A lot of cartoon violence. He uses Pooh, Green Pooh (which is a green teddy bear which doesn't have a mouth), Baby Pooh, Baby Ernie (which is a miniature Ernie), Minnie Mouse and ET. Quote one of the drama scenes:
Green Pooh doctor: SARS ja nai. AIDS desu.
XDD Did you know he likes horse sashimi? Kowai da ne...
Another quote:
ET: Kekkon shite kudasai!
Minnie: IYAAAA!!
XDDD Reminds me of the scene in book 5 where Muraki proposes to Tsuzuki in his dream. XD Except it goes:
Muraki: Tsuzuki-san
Muraki: Watashi to kekkon shite kudasai.
*grins* That scene's always amused me. XD

I got YnM! XDD I now have the set until Book 11! XDDD Spoiler! In Book 10, Hisoka gets a Shiki! (Or Shikigami if you like it that way) Oddly, it's a Mexican cactus thing. It's called Riko. Cute really, but Hisoka gets spiked when Riko tries to wake him up. Even the little word bubbles get spiked. XDD Sadly he gets killed (Riko not Hisoka who's already dead) by Kurikara Ryuu-oh later on. *sniffles*

Bwee. Something tells me I really have to work on my ERP now. Sore ja, mata! ^_____^

ShikuroNEKU is currently lazy -_____________- Zzz

November 21, 2003


'Kays, there is absolutely -no- reason for the drumroll O.o;; Except for the fact that...I dunno really O.o;; Or else...*holds up mean looking dragon that appeared on my site in the adopted adoptions description* Dragon: *growls evilly* Me: I'll sic 'em on yooooooou if you don't comment. XDD *fireball sizzles all reading the blog* I -am- a dragon too. *fireballs again*

Whee. After class already. XDD Found a fellow RO-er on deviantART who's got -great- art. XDDD Kakkoi! Go see...
It's RO! How cool can you get? XDD Personally I think there's too much detail for me to draw...

btw, before I forget, since no one at the moment has emailed me about kiriban, I guess Ic-chan can claim it. XDD Provided of course sh-- I mean, he has saved the counter or taken a screencap of it :D Email it to me, preferably to mai LMS account. XDD With the request of course. Or you could try for 123, if it hasn't gone over the number yet. XD Don't forget to take over the worlds' uni-bangs. My bro has an RO chara with a uni-bang XDD Name of Third Master. You can eat his uni-bang if you like XDD That'll attract more attention.

XDD The last time my bro and I played RO, we were randomly typing crap into the message bar. XDD I remember:
1st attempt: I'M SCHIZO
(brother pressed enter already)
2nd attempt: I'M SCHIZOPHRENIC
(brother pressed enter before I could put in the exclaimation marks)(still managed to get message out anywas XD)
Haha. Someone said something like:
"are you mad"
XDD LOL Yeah. Kaboing. XDD dunno anyone else who plays RO...

Haha. I've just submitted a profile pic to the deviantART thing...XD Something I did on Paint, in mai dragon-self. XD We all know I also appear in Black Alpha and ShiroiChocobo form. XD Black Alpha is a black wolf XD ShiroiChocobo...kinda explains itself, doesn't it? XDD's another devious pic, it's related to both Yami no Matsuei and Gundam Wing. See why:
*snicker* I dread to know. Muraki is Relena, Tsuzuki is Heero(?), and Hisoka is Duo(??). XDD Oddness...actually it's more like Tsuzuki is Duo and Hisoka is Heero. NOT related to shonen ai etc.

Augh. Baka timing. Have to go now. Yeeeeeeeeeesh. *sigh* Anyways, sayonara minna-san. Mata Monday ^_^

ShikuroNEKU is currently rushing >_<;;;

November 19, 2003

Whee...*gets hit by a flowerpot*

Haha. Watched Lion King II: Simba's Pride today. *is amused* Quote the odd uproar thing:
Timon: "It's gonna be like the old, me, and the little guy."
Simba, Nala, and Rafiki(I think): "It's a girl."
Timon: "...girl."
Timon and Pumbaa: "GIRL?! O_O *collapses*"
Hahaha...that was so odd.

Pointless, really...I updated mai journal on DeviantART, so go see. I'm really to lazy to type stuff now. Wheehehe ^_^

'Kays, that -was- short. Before I forget, I think I'll take a Spiral test...with a faint idea of which of the Blade Children I''ll get O.o;;; Prolly Ryoko. Haha. Let's see then. XD
Eyes Rutherford
You are Eyes Rutherford. On the surface, this
world class pianist seems cold and uncaring,
but in reality clings deeply to the hope of
salvation and has a tender side that many
people never see.

What Spiral: Suiri no Kizuna character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
O_o;;; Eep. Scaree...*walks into a lamppost*

Yesh. Me wanna go now. Ja mata! ^_^

ShikuroNEKU is currently oddly quiet ///_^

November 18, 2003


Wheeheehee. Did another oekaki and it went sloppy at the end. So if you want to see it go to the oekaki. It's there in all its spammical glory. XDDD

BORRdom. Yeesh...time to play RO! poor people who don't play RO...I pity you all!! Gyahaha! Bow down before moi!! *gets hit by a flowerpot*

Bleargh. Yami no Matsuei downloads...
The sound clips seriously amuse me. Check out the explosion bit. XDD One of Watari's potions exploded. Or maybe the one where Tsuzuki gets drunk and quote:"cheerfully announces his intent to.. err, do a strip show." *sweatdrops* Oh, check out the one too where Hisoka pokes Tsuzuki at his hangover. Quote:"Iya-da!" Haha...that appears a lot in the manga too. XDD Whee.

RO time...going now, ja mata, minna!

ShikuroNEKU is currently calm-ish ^_^

November 17, 2003


Whee! MAGE replied to mai gallery submission! Quote:
"That's certainly a cute looking phoenix!"
It's the first tabby pic I did on the oekaki :D
Check it out in the next MAGE! Ja mata! ^_^


Whee. I shall now proceed to make Ic-chan very envious...again with mai tabby :D Look at this pic:
Yup yup. I did draw the pic. XDDDD You are feeling -envious-...

Still dunno who's kiriban person...must be some blur person who visited and didn't notice the kiriban. I think the next one should be Ic-chan said, if I put it at 500, it be forever before anyone will get the kiriban. Solution: Get everyone to visit the site 20 times a day. It should come just in time for Christmas XDD (Note: I wasn't calculating the exact number...)

lol. Isn't anyone gonna check out mai deviantART account? Yeesh...oh wait, here's an odd site:
There's a phobia of going insane, a phobia of chickens(!), a phobia of death (thanatophobia, which explains why there are so many charas out there called Thanatos...), a phobia of...

Odd lists again. This time to tell y'all what to do with sparklers and a really large space where nothing is especially flammable. Whee...
1. Fling the sparklers as they fizz out. If your timing's good, it'll go out just as it hits the floor.
2. Do the above on a preferably dry ground when the sparkler's still going makes cool fireworks. XDD
3. Stick them in the ground in a row, to make an aeroplane runway.
4. Even better, stick them in a large circle. With luck, you'll get to see UFOs landing.
5. Do the above to make easy lighting of more sparklers. XD
6. Got more ideas?
XDD Inspired by DDC barbecue. XDD Toasted marshmallows taste nice. The kind I used was those ready-to-eat ones and such. It was kinda orangey...dunno why tho. XDD But nice and mushy. Warm, nice and mushy. XDD Ate a half-cooked chicken wing. I didn't know it was half cooked until I reached somewhere near the bone...the blood was still reddish. And the meat was way too soft. Tasted quite good tho...I AM A CARNIVORE! FEAR MEEEEE!! *drinks green tea*

Haha...another set of lists, on the piano songs I can play...
Those harmonised by myself with little or no help from scores:
1. Take these Wings
2. Guan Huai Fang Shi
3. Ruuju (Rouge)
4. Grandfather-clock-song-thing
5. Tonari no Totoro theme
6. Another song from Tonari no Totoro
7. Yu Jian

Those modified from existing scores:
1. If We Hold On Together
2. Pachabel's Canon in D (C and D major :D)

Those memorised note-by-note XD:
1. Can You Feel The Love Tonight?
2. Peng You
3. My Dog Washington (This one's very cute. XD)

Those with scores:
1. Last Impression
2. Rhythm Emotion
3. Butterfly
4. Overworld music for Zelda: Link's Awakening

Whee. I owe a lot of these to which is now...gone. Sadly...

Sites that disappeared which I used to visit:
3. (the first oekaki I ever visited!)
4. (another oekaki)
5. (One of my favourite of the best oekakis with the best people on it.) wanna go now...go see my deviantART account. OR -else-. ^_^ Ja mata, minna-san~


ShikuroNEKU is currently worrying about the Internet connection ._.;;;;;;

November 14, 2003


Nyahaha...I sent stuff to MAGE. XDDD Don't be surprised to see mai submissions in the next MAGE! XDDDD As CycloneX, of course. XD I am happi! (no one knows why) O.o;; *has just discovered she has mistakenly labelled Hijiri as Tatsumi* Don't blame me! They all look alike...O.o;; Only found out after looking at a set of screenshots before the pic given. Should have shown his eye colour. Yeesh. *had an odd feeling it was wrong before*

Nyahaha XD Just did an explosion thingy in 3ds Max...Maybe I'll upload the movie file fer y'all to see XD Quote anime physics:
Everything explodes. Everything.
I blasted a Tomcat F14 XDDDDDD Check out the fireball. XDD

btw, at the point I'm typing this, the counter on mai site says 98...if you want a prize, score 100 on it XDD I'll draw a pic fer ya. XDD Save the pic and email it to me along with your request, okie? ^_^

Gyaaah...Ragnarok's eating mai life up...whoo. XD Last night someone offered mai brother some free exp. XD And we discovered that Rockers are dangerous after all. Whee...disconnection...we got kinda lost after some time...if it weren't time to log off already, we wouldn't have missed the free exp. Third Master (San(1) Shao(4) Ye(2) XD)base level is now 8. Job level now be 7. Basic skill level 6, currently aiming for mage as first class job.

Whee. *is reminded of Tarepanda-mode Qian during the last Thursday rehearsal of choral nite* XD Oddness...Ic-chan's actually really cute, if you put Claire's duckie on her head. XDDDD *oddness* I'll have to do a pic of that someday. I'll really have to. XDD

Eep...Mai drawing style's recently got some odd modifications...I'm turning into Matsushita-sensei! *freaks* I think I read too much Yami no Matsuei. But it's only been like 2 weeks since I got the first book! Yeesh...oh no...I'm being reminded of the odd scene in Tsuzuki's dream where Muraki-sensei proposes to him...eep...quote translation: "Tatsumi and Muraki CONSPIRACY?!" Mind...that -was- a dream. (Tho Tsuzuki kinda freaked out after that. Y'know the same book a female version of Tsuzuki appears (who is kinda...cute in Tsuzuki's opinion O.o) and some olde worlde Hisoka says "boku" instead of "ore" (who looks like Qua-chan and is cute)) Eep! Spoilers! -spoiler ALERT-

lol. btw, I made a mistake...Hijiri was in a concert, not a competition...*baka atama*

Wai...Quatre dragon so cute...check out
Second dot from the top, under rare dragons. He's unadoptable...*sniffle* He's so kawaii...*huggles* Hey cool...they're accepting dragon tamers...hmmm. Whee...artists. Maybe I'll be a tamer ^_^ Try next time. XD

Blargh. Time to go...sayonara, minna-sama. Seeya on like, Monday. Or something XDD

ShikuroNEKU is currently critter-ish <=^:^=> (It's the foxie emoticon! XD)

November 10, 2003


Whoop. Forgot to talk about the GW cast, and some odd links between anime I've found...O.o

'Kays, on with the people...
Seki Toshihiko (familiar? :D):Duo Maxwell(GW), Watari Yutaka(YnM) and...nothing else. (He's also in a band called...Banana Fritters. Don't look at me like that! It's true! (oddly enough) O.o;;;;)
Baka Internet connection (again). No, Seki Toshihiko doesn't do "Baka Internet Connection", bakas... -_-;;
This is pretty pointless, huh...
Takayama Minami from Two-Mix does Conan in Detective Conan.
Sakura Asagi who did the Blind Target manga also did the character designs for Saint Beast.
Midorikawa Hikaru who does Heero's voice also does Houou no Ruka in Saint Beast. He also does Seto Kaiba in Yugioh O.o;;

There's still more...I'm too lazee. XDDD Might update this post again, so check back ^_^

It's a really nice silver colour, and really flat...^_^

Wondering about the title? XDD I shall copy over whatever I wrote on Qian's taggie-board:
"...I shall now proceed to make you -very- envious. I just got a...wait for it...*drumroll*...NEW TABLET!! XDDD You may now start ranting. *not*"
^_^ Yup yup, I just used it on Saturday for the first time (and did quite a few random pics of an oddly distorted Fubar...O.o;;) It works waaaaaaaaay better than the mouse. XDD Not to say of course that the mouse was bad...just stubborn XDD And again: It's a really nice silver colour, and really flat...^_^

Yays~ I got Yami no Matsuei! XDD The manga I mean. Mai current collection spans books 1~11, excluding 6, 7 and 10. I also have the character book :D I can't start on book 8 yet's a continuation from the earlier books...O.o;; But I've flipped thru it already, and I can say it's way worse than the other books in terms of blood, gore and Muraki's sadism. Which reminds me...apparently the Devil's Trill (Akuma no Toriru) is from a piece for violin which Hijiri plays for a contest...I'll see if I can find it. Never mind...I already have. Apparently the piece mentioned in the manga was the Adagio bit. *checks ou the MIDI* Hmm...I suppose it depends on whether there even is an Adagio bit...O.o;; Listen to it here:
Devil's Trill Sonata, by G. Tartini, and according to the book, he composed it because of a dream. It sounds like a song that can be used in some part of a Castlevania game. O.o;; I'm currently at Allegro. Larghetto is nice. O.o...thought it might have been spookier.
Ah...gomen...disconnected again.
Grave-Allegro assai is sorta spookier...more of the "devil's trill". Literally...there are lots of trills in this one. Heh...I think it's one of mai fave :D the softer violin trills sound like fly wings...*shudder* Maybe I'll look up on the history of the Devil's Trill to find out more...
Yes...I've found was from a dream, where Tartini (who is a violinist by the way) made a contract with the devil (parallels here...Kazusa's father made a contract with the devil too, in exchange for fame and money...and the object of the devil was his daughter. Kazusa's father was a violinist too...) Tartini let the devil play a song on his violin in this dream, and apparently the song he played was sooooo harmonious that it woke him up from his dream (O.o;;) and he grabbed his violin to see if he could play the song again (which he failed to, duh or we wouldn't have the Devil's Trill O.o See here: Even though he failed, the song he composed was his best of all he had ever done. Spooky, once you think of it...I remember having dreams after which I tried to draw whatever I dreamt of (character designs, see...) and failed miserably after that. O.o Including one with a phoenix with intricate designs on its feathers O.o

Augh. Darned modem...

Anyways, about Choral Nite...right before Chinese performance I was competing with the sound system, cuz lao shi said mai voice wasn't loud enuff. XDD Qian was sitting in a corner (and making it a point, I think, to ignore me. -_-;; Yeesh. And hardly anyone except for Faris, Zhi Hui, Kai, HL, Weixin, Cammy, Jing and Maria actually talked to me that night, and only in little snippets. Felt really hungry and lonely at the same time. Baka people. -_-;;) Ah well. At least I got the tabby after that. Oh, and the green tea...^_^ The marshmellows and fishballs too were really goooood. XDDDD

deviantART is not being too nice to me...I've been waiting eons for the email to arrive...O.o;;

Hate.the.modem. Chotto matte kudasai...

Y'know what...this blog post is more than one Microsoft word page long. XDD Font size 12. Much more than I can do for a Lit essay...O.o;; Awp. I think I over-ranted on the Devil's the moo-sic. *goes to download it*

Heh...I think this is a little too long...I'll finish off with a couple of tests. XD

You're Saya!
You're Saya Toorii!

Saya is 15 years old Shinigami-girl. She works in
the 9th block along with her coo-worker Yuma.
They are best friends, and both like to grope
(^^;) people, expecially good-looking boys.

Which Yami no Matsuei girl are you most like?
brought to you by Quizilla
And no, I don't grope boys. -_-;; Hisoka is specifically referred to here. O.o;; Oddness.


What is your Digimon opening song?
brought to you by Quizilla
*grins* This -is- a nice song. XDD

LOL Yeah. Done with it mata, minna-san ^_____^

ShikuroNEKU is currently thinking (so I do have a brain after all. XD) ._.;; Hmmm...

November 05, 2003


lol XDD Did some odd stuff about farm trip first XD

'Kays, so it was the fish farm first...Qian apparently couldn't stand the oddly fishy smell. Bullfrogs too. Not very interesting really. I got called a bird expert :D the migratory birds, see. They don't seem to be around some time of the year XD
Yup. Next was the odd-ish Fireflies Health Farm...absolutely nothing to do with fireflies at all ><;; Bought a large bottle of soya milk and drank more than half of it at once. XD In the bus Qian had an odd conversation with Maggie...using handsigns. (We were in different buses, see. XD) I'll have to quote that sometime.
Uh-huh...the last one was the most interesting I Quails, chickens, cassowaries, turkey-ish things, peacocks/hens, geese(quote Evelyn:"Pa-ao!"), and pigeons ^_^ I spent most of the time there conversing with the pigeons and the roosters. XDD Ate 3 eggs after that, 1 of which Joanne peeled the shell(bad grammar). Y'know what...the quail eggs are dirt cheap. 15 for just $1. I'm amazed they actually make a profit out of it O.o;;

Yup...right now it's actually the 2nd day I'm writing this, and I'm currently at Maria's house. Apparently Qian and Weixin decided to take over her bathtub. Oh, and we ate Kinder Surprise eggs. I have a -very- strange looking thingy. Qian's camel (not literally, baka...) is currently sitting(fine, standing) beside me as I type this. O.o;;

Look, if anyone reading this can find a Yami no Matsuei anime clip to watch that can be downloaded off the 'Net, pls tell me...

^_______^ Shyeah...I'll while away my time doing stuff ja mata, minna-sama.

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November 04, 2003

Haha...I'm back ^_^ And welcome to the going-to-be Sec 1s from TNS (actually, only 2 O.o)

Fundraising for choral nite yesterday was odd...I'm such a sucker...y'know what...some ppl from another class persuaded me to buy another lollipop when they did not have enough change (and I was too lazy to take out more O.o;;) when I only wanted 2. XD First one was for myself, sell to Qian (don't ask why, I'm oddness O.o), and another class sold me a packet of cookies...cuz they went on about fundraising for the needy (I'm too soft O.o)(-_-;; Not physically, bakas!) lol. The 1/11 people were busy trying to get Qian to wear/buy a paper flower ("Don't have girlfriend meh? So shuai!"). XD I remember them trying to bug her into getting one, and when they reached the odd topic of Qian's girlfriend (in case you didn't know already, she DOESN'T have one. Baka atamas, all of you...) Euge was like, randomly pointing to 'Nut and I (cuz we were talking, see.) and I was all,"Huh? O.o" Oh, and I discovered somebody who apparently looks like me...'Nut was all,"They look the same! XDDDDD" Once again, O.o .

Farm visit tomorrow...*amusion* I'm still wondering why there are firefly farms. Gotta find out tomorrow XDD Maybe it's for those poor scholars who cannot afford lights. Y'know what...put fireflies into a translucent/transparent kind of bag and study by night. How nice.

Yays! Finally got mai first Yami no Matsuei manga! ^_^ *pokes the Gushoshin* I never noticed they hadhands and not wings. XD I'll be waiting for the chance to get book 2. XD Watari and 003 (an owl O.o) are prolly inside. XDDD There's a pretty neat amount of blood inside, tho the disappearance of the Shinigamis' wounds are only explained by one of their special Shinigamic powers. XD Regeneration! *prods Muraki* Sadistic person... btw, I haven't seen the name of Muraki's Shikigami's Ouryuu, by the way. Tsuzuki's blue dragon Shikigami is called Souryuu. Close enough. In the first book, he summons Suzaku (Red Phoenix/Sparrow) to deal with Ouryuu. Y'know what...I think I'll restart the comp first, then try a Yami no Matsuei test. I bet I'll get Tsuzuki. XD

-- Restarting the comp --

Yup. I'm back again. Checked DeviantART...I'm hoping registrations will be up again soon. ><;;

Okie, here are the tests I've promised you lot...
You are a Victim at Random
You will be killed randomly.

Yami no Matsuei: What way would Muraki murder you?
brought to you by Quizilla
Okay, fine! *twaps self* Get serious O.o;;

You're Tsuzuki Asato! And while you seem airheaded, you aren't that bad.
Tsuzuki Asato

Which Yami no Matsuei Character Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla
^_^ As I said. XDD *speculates*Qian will prolly get Muraki. Or Hisoka...or Tsuzuki IF she's not feeling okay. O.o;; Oddness. Maybe Watari.

Kurosaki Hisoka
You are Kurosaki Hisoka! You are a kind and an
intelligent person but you usually show your
back at people. People tend to think you are a
cold person but in reality you are dying for
love. You should open up yourself and be happy.

Yami no Matsuei Personality Quiz ( The Dark Descendant )
brought to you by Quizilla
...O.o;; I think it's the last few questions or summat. Pic's a little big. *tweaks it* *after -trying- to tweak it* O.o ...I give up. *twaps Hisoka*

K'so! Darn internet connection...I'll restart again, chotto matte kudasai...

unknown: You stay to yourself. You are quiet, but
when you choose to, you show a great talent. It
doesn't matter what it is, but you have it.
Most of all, you are the most powerful of

what color are youre wings?*~*S
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You are Red
What color are you? (Anime Pictures)

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Haha. Last time I got orange. XD

What's Your Outlook on Life?

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^_^ Darn lot of tests I’m taking today, huh? XDDD

Whee. *pokes everyone* Me wanna do stuff now (bug people? XDD) So there. Ja mata, minna-san! ^_^

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