October 29, 2004

Ometto Samba!

XD New obssession: Prince of Tennis! X3
Fuji is so cute. Why? ... Dunno. I just like characters that always smile. Or smile most of the time at least XD Quatre, Tsuzuki, Kumagorou(...?), ...
All of them smile! XD I have a Fuji badge too...found it randomly in a store ^^ Now...I want Fuji plushiiieeeeee...where did Jia get it from...*evil grin*

Got new CDs! XD Gravitation: 2 CDs, Prince of Tennis: 1 CD, which I claimed for myself. I got a free FMA CD from an artbook XD

Working on a pic now. btw the .breakfree. pic in my devART gallery...the guy in it is now called Fayt :3 Courtesy of Tale. Name from...Star Ocean...o_o And...the pic is of Fayt...kid Fayt...XD Really cute,but the wings are killing me. I think the wings are going to take the longest time, second longest is the hair I think. But I like the eyes. :3 I emphasize on eyes...you know...eyes are the window to a person's soul. Look at someone's eyes, and look at another person's eyes, and chances are you'll notice that the way the light reflects off their eyes are different. You never notice until you look carefully XD

Oh well. I shall end off now...tell me if you see any Prince of Tennis personality tests...XD Ja mata minna!

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August 24, 2004

Boo. XD

Hello. Long time no see ne XD

Got stuff to update on...

Firstly, RO.
Shin's stats:
Base lv: 40
Job lv: 30
Skills: Fire Bolt Lv4, FireBall lv5, Fire Wall lv1, Cold Bolt lv5, Frost Diver lv1, Lightning Bolt lv1, Sight lv1, Soul Strike lv3, Napalm Beat lv4 and Detoxify(mwahahaaaaaaaaa) lv1. Am I missing something? o_o
Area: 2 squares below Morroc...rather profitable, and lots of exp XD Thanks to Ellessis' suggestion.

New anime obssession X3
Mwee! Can go see an odd analysis on DevART http://shikuroneku.deviantart.com/
And. For an online test I got Shuichi XD As expected.

You've been overdosed so many times with chocolate and pocky, that hyperactiveness has become second nature to you. You usually act without thinking, and you trust people too easily, but everything always has a way of working out for you in the end. You also adore blonde nicotine-enhanced writers who think you've got zero talent - but who doesn't?

Which Gravitation Character Are You?

Guess what! I like strawberry Pocky too! XD XD XD

You own an exciting and passion also with your determination.

Sometimes you have the happiness and the unconsciousness of a baby, without a particolar reason... But it's funny, isn't it?

You can also show you as mature and serious, but only when you thing that it needs.

You are a social guy, expansive, you know your talent and you like spread happiness to everyone is next to you.

Well. That's kind of expected XD Yay!

Anywhoooooooo. Blogging in school. So. Gotta finish now. Ja mata! XD

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April 24, 2004

w00t I'm back.

Haven't blogged in a long time XD

First off...I shall report on Shinryuu XD
Level: 21/15
Still mage, duh
Guild: Crimson_Knights
(o_o *still can't believe Shin's in a guild* Her name now looks like

Shinryuu (BACKHAM)
Crimson_Knights [FalleN PheoniX]

Fun XD)
Best skill: Cold Bolt lv5
All skills:
Cold Bolt lv5
Frost Diver lv1
Napalm Beat lv4
Soul Strike lv1
Lightning Bolt lv1
Fast SP recovery lv3
Strongest monster killed: Horn (Sniping)
Financial status: Poor...1000+z only
Party: BACKHAM (Leader: RO KILLER_!)
(I seem to enjoy making weird long lists.)
Max Magic damage in one hit (according to stats): 52 (So cold bolt can do max of 260 damage mwahaha!)(Yes I know it's pathetic)

Hmm. XD

There's been this weird thing happening in our class...we're naming ourselves after atoms o_O I'm IRIDIUM! XD

Oh yes. This shall freak some people out. XD
Put your hand flat on the table...put your fingers together and see if your index finger is longer or shorter than your ring finger. XD
Guys tend to have shorter index fingers. Most lesbians have shorter index fingers too. XD Guess what. So do I XD
According to Peanut, Ic-chan is normal o_O Freaky.
Oh yes...strangely enough after I explained this to people around...I seem to have more classmates/friends or so...*ahemahem* "flirting" with me o_O *dies*


Taking Jap test tomorrow...If I get at least 83 for it I can take JLPT 4...*evil grin*

Eep. Can't remember anything else...so ja mata minna! ^_^

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March 16, 2004










...Well. I'll leave it up to you to translate it.
Typed it on Word as a random thought and it expanded to this much...I'm sure there are enough mistakes in there to fill up 2 buckets.

I'm lonely...I'm bored...sick and tired of waiting for people, my friends to talk to me, to post, to update...the worst part is that the people I wait for most eagerly never post/update in centuries...I still ask myself why I'm this optimistic when I check my tag-board and my devART account for comments every 5 minutes and discover that no one's bothered to comment, or is just offline. I still ask myself why I actually bother to check, post and update my stuff myself...I suppose I'm just hoping that updating my stuff more often will inspire others to do so too. I try at least to make sure others don't get irritated with me...tho I think people get irritated more often than I want it to happen.

I love to type when I'm in this sort of mood. Because...I write better when I feel less optimistic than I usually do. I don't know why. When I'm fuming, when I'm upset, when I'm just more pessimistic than I usually am...I type better. Look at my previous posts...and the mood I typed them in...
More optimistic posts at
However I tend to digress a lot from my original topic(s).

I'm still waiting...and waiting...for the people, the friends who don't update, don't post and never ever will...

I...shall wait...ja mata...

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March 04, 2004


T_T *sob* My compy crashed. The hard disk is odd...if my estimate is correct, it's still running the scan for C:/...that started at like, 12 am..o_o And if that last phase of the scan gets through, the comp is perfectly fine again. However...T_T

Sigh. Doing IRS now...in school. Gotta log off now. Ja mata...

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February 20, 2004

I really hate you for this, Gravity...

Great. Just great. 3 hours and absolutely nothing to do. Gravity just had to mess up and I can't play RO. *throws random things at them* WHY TODAY?! It could have been some other day. Darn. Can't do anything about it...maybe I'll oekaki or something...I just remembered Soph's and Jacq's b'day...it's tomorrow. And I dunno what to give them...Soph likes FFX-2...Jacq...I dunno. *sigh* I can't draw some people charas for some reason...nah...I'm sure I can get something considered okay for them tomorrow...did you know Jacq got a can of Green Tea from a senior as a b'day present? And Soph got bra straps from...someone. O_o;;;;

Hope these 3 hours will be a kind of blessing in disguise or something...maybe I'll do up my webbie X_x It's really pathetic now, and I *still* can't get the colour scheme. What 2 colours go with a rainbow background anyway?! Odd.
Besides that...maybe I'll spend time doing a proper oekaki pic for once X_x Sometimes I think I'm worse off than Lu Xun (I'm sure Liu laoshi explained why he chose Lu Xun as a pseudonym...that was last year O_o).

Gaaaaaaaaah. *hits self* I just had to not find the Kapra staff in Morocc. And got myself killed by a Farmiliar in the pyramid the last time X_x Now I see why no one answered when I asked where the Kapra staff were. I believe I was standing right in front of them. *hits self again*
Nooooooo...it'll probably be Monday/Tuesday before I get to level up Frost Diver...and next week in a worst case scenario to get to Napalm Beat lv. 2. *throws more random stuff at Gravity* I believe I should stop crapping here and go enjoy the RO art at deviantART...X_x Ja mata minna.......................

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February 13, 2004

f a l l e n p h o e n i x [ R I S I N G || from the .ashes.]

Heh...don't know what's got into me lately...just a few minutes ago, out of what I called boredom, I signed up for a LiveJournal and a Diaryland (wish it were less spastic) account. Looked through it...here's the pros and cons...

Can upload pics
Can choose different languages in which to display your blog/journal
Messaging system
Can have friends list
Current Mood icon selection w/ available styles
Current Music

Upload only 3 pics
Language selection is only partial - Japanese only covered 70% of the pages. Still too easy to read for English-oriented people.
Cannot edit page html directly unless you have a paid account
Blog designs aren't as good as Blogger's
Don't get a subdomain - http://www.livejournal.com/~yourusername

Free email address forwarding - yourusername@diaryland.com and/or [anything here]@yourusername.diaryland.com
Can edit html directly
No ads

Design of site is really kid-ish - diaryland.com sounds like something you don't want to brag about
Designs are positively horrible - all repetitions of the same style except for 1 of them.
Cannot upload pics with free account
iframes are too tiny to look at properly - difficult to edit html code etc. Unlike Blogger.

Come to think of it, Blogger's already a really good blog host...the ads are annoying, but not really. LiveJournal takes forever to tweak the layout into shape. Diaryland.com sounds very uninteresting. Layouts aren't as good as Blogger. So if you've been complaining about your Blogger blog being so irritating, try these 2 and you'll appreciate your blog more.

Tomorrow's V-day. Wishing all of you a Happy Valentine's Day~ (you too Icarus-chan if you're still reading this... ._.) I feel so loved for this year's Valentine's...I actually received little gifts from others, I feel so guilty for not returning something o_O Specifically, I got a little note-thing from Tragic-chan (I'm sure you know who...) and the little blue transparent bead(that looks like a damage counter in Pokemon TCG) with my name on it :D People are so nice...

This blog is so empty right now...I dunno, but I have the feeling that Ic-chan isn't gonna post here or something, probably not like, forever, but maybe for a really long time...then I'll be posting for no one to read, and it'll be pointless talking to myself, and this blog might die out when even I lose interest in it...so until I can confirm that Icarus still visits, I won't be posting on the taggie-board...to preserve the comments that were left there...

Look, I really don't wanna lose another friend...I lost one in Maggie already, which lasted since Pri 3/4 when we split up to go to different GEP centres, and we still remembered even in Sec 1...then...it just disappeared in a matter of days. Friendships may take one year to build, but may take only one minute to break. I hate losing friends. I don't like being alone...like in Tao Nan...Pri 5...I remember this thought I had at home...I told myself that I would try not to cry, even for just one day...now that I think of it, did I ever cry everyday? When I had hardly anyone, any friend who would stay by me, someone I could talk to regularly...and with people who talked behind my back, not even afraid to show that they were doing so, it's like, not really surprising that I think Pri 5 was the worst school year I had...but of course there are the other little things...like Vivie, who did become one of my close friends that year.
As I say this, I find it's so unlike me...I've hardly ever shown a sad face in school since last year...Ic-chan, TELL ME YOU'RE STILL ALIVE. *jabs*

I find myself deviating from the topic far too often. Mmm...let's see...here's some of the more interesting sites from the IT symposium held last Saturday in ACS...note that they're all done by students.

That's all...I've been blogging for a really long time now. Ja mata.

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February 09, 2004


O_o Weird...yesterday my Jap right brain training teacher's son called me that...specifically Jie Xin nee-chan. Hahaha. He envys my art, so my teacher says...but has not patience to learn ^^;;;

Playing RO for some time now...XD Became a mage, now lvl 12, job level 5 I think. Cold bolt lvl 2, Lightning bolt lvl 1, Quick Sp recovery lvl1. Hope to get one of those cards in the future that grant the skill Heal lvl 1 XD Considering the amount of intelligence a mage/wizard has, this will heal tons of hp XD

Now to crap about what happened last Friday. On RO I mean. Location was right side of Geffen...
I was walking around the area and discovered this guy lying there who didn't disappear for like, more than half an hour ^^;;; So I dunno if he was dead or something. Quote a mage passer-by: "Pity, pity.../Died soooooooo young..." *lol* Then later this assassin guy came around and gave poison protection to anyone he saw...not for any reason I suppose, 'cuz there are no poison enemies there ^^;;; Later went on to Prontera and to the desert area (specifically Ant Hell) and did 80 damage to Dropses in the area. XD Sadly I got killed by a Familiar (hate those things -_-) in the Ant Hell and was warped back to Geffen...shoulda've saved at the Kapra corp. thing in Prontera. *was too impatient*

Anyway, out of curiosity...why choose the name IcarusX? ^^;;; First thing I thought was, "Hey, that sounds like CycloneX..." ^^;;; I'm asking not because I have a superinflated ego or something, but rather out of oddness. Heh.

Anyways(again), I believe it's time to stop blogging (IRS proposal corrections ^^;;) Ja mata minna! XD

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February 08, 2004


Updated the bloggie a little. XD See the cute little button? XD In case you can't see, it's Tro-chan and Qua-chan. Go support~!

Ja mata XD

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January 31, 2004

"...style of procrastination and lackadaisical attitude..."

Mr. Chan sure has a weird sense of humour...as demonstrated in his latest email about the CAP assignments. *lol*

Spent a long time playing with the jian yesterday afternoon X_x Now my arm is all like, cramped. It was worse this morning I think...had difficulty even trying to move my arm to scratch my back. I'm amazed...it's actually worse than the time Ic punched my arm really hard (it cramped for 3 days) O.o;;

Got a little bug recently and started playing Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 (Tara's adventure) again. Now I'm trying to get Lamia, one of the secret ? types. It's like, so CUTE!! Another secret is Dimensaur...that's the strongest monster in the game. But nearly impossible to get...it depends a lot on your luck. I wanna try without sharking the monsters. Sharked Dimensaurs stop growing at level 9, meaning you cannot breed them to make them even more powerful. That's all I know...gotta search for more.

Bought RO: War of Emperium because I couldn't wait for Ic-chan any longer X_x Besides, it's got a nice box. Yay. About the installation problem...I dunno yet, but have you
1. uninstalled the previous version? (and let up some free space)
2. Got the instructions mixed up?
3. Got the correct settings & hardware? (I think this shouldn't be a problem)

Otherwise, I wouldn't know. Yeah.

Trying to get the WebSameGame to work for me...but I dunno CGI at all O.o;;; I did stuff exactly as the instructions said...but it's doesn't work. Hmmm. Maybe I'll ask someone to help...someone who's got this thing working before (i.e. a Japanese person 'cuz...I don't know of anyone else who has got it working who isn't Japanese o_o )(I'LL BE THE FIRST!! Gyahaha!! *gets hit by a flowerpot*)

Heh...I forgot what I was gonna do now...never mind. I've crapped quite enough...ja mata minna :D

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January 28, 2004

In memoriam of Dane-Dane, who died 28 of January 2004...

Yeah. He's dead...the first rabbit I actually had...
I got him for $50, cage and all from a shop after he was abandoned...by that time he was already big and a few years old. Now that I think of it, I regret having lost interest over time...at first I used to see him everyday...then school, homework and other stuff just started to come in, and I had hardly enough time for him anymore, even though I did visit him once in a while. I remember when I got another rabbit, I was like, fussing over the newbie, whose cage was just next to Dane's, and I think he got jealous or something and peed on my leg. It didn't make me angry...just that I realised that I had been neglecting him all this while, and he was just lonely...
Maybe like I was sometimes, except that I never did show it much.
The last time I went to see him, it was days, probably weeks ago. If I had gone to see him earlier this morning, I might have been able to see him, alive, for the last time in his life. I'm crying now...not that it'll help...but I can't control it. I'm probably guilty. And I'm really surprised to see that no one else in the family is even close to crying...am I too sensitive? I don't know. I don't care. I'm just too upset to bother. Just when I had a not so perfect day. Getting mad for the first time in school, at Fiona, forgetting to leavesome extra Pocky in the box when offering it to people, having so much homework...there's just not much I can do now...I just hope that his spirit, or whatever, is at ease...hope that if he can feel it, he doesn't blame me for being so bochup. Is there anything I can do? ...

Maybe I'll leave a page on my webbie, just dedicated to Dane-Dane.

Life is precious...It's just there, and if you don't treasure someone, you might regret it later, when that person is gone, and you've decided that that person had been important to you, and you haven't spent enough time with him/her/it. Which is why I try to be nice to all my friends when I have the chance to, and regret it when I miss it. Which is why I love my life, and why I think suicides are utterly pointless, and are just useless wastes. Think about it...have you talked to any of your closest friends today? Have you ever thought about what life would be like without them? Give it a thought...

I guess...that's helped me feel better...I really hope this is the only sad blog post that'll ever be here. But there's always the inevitable. Those that you can't prevent...the only way through is to live it the best you can, and be content with it.

That's enough of a rant...20 minutes of it. If you see me with eyes red as a rabbit's tomorrow, you'll know why. Mata.

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January 26, 2004


Bleh. Internet wizard dot be stopped its free webhosting services. Sheesh. At least I have other host sites...but none of them are working. How sad. I think I have one more chance with madsims if this one fails...unless you're willing to sacrifice your email address for me. Hehheh.

Ne...gonna play RO again X3 I hope tomorrow. My bro's bugging me to let him complete the swordsman test, and I'm almost ready for the mage one XD Ic-kun, don't forget or I'll be naming you as Ic-CHAN for the rest of your life. XD Or until I get the CD. XD

Crap blogging now. Just finished some touch-ups on my IRS Proposal, gotta go now. XD

Sore ja, mata, minna!

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January 24, 2004

X3 I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaack!

lol. So I am :D I'll crap on my holiday when I have the time.

I uploaded mood icons (on photobucket XD gallery =
)X3 It'll make the blog less gloomy XD (lol. There's like, 2 regular visitors...)

XD Therefore, I shall take my leave already. XD Ja mata minna!


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January 20, 2004


X3 I got a cjb.net address! So when you visit, expect like, a few popups...but at least they're popups and not banners. Banners are horrible. lol. It's not up yet, but you can have the address already:
AND, any message sent to an email address ending in @fallen-phoenix.cjb.net will be sent to my mail account :D So fun.

Ahhhh...the modem didn't work until I rebooted the whole thing once, and restarted it like, twice...it gets fussier by the day, I tell you. It actually worked once at top speed with a microfilter...then it wouldn't work with it...then the speed dropped from 3.4mbps to 2.8mbps. I hate it, really.

I figured how to work FTP...:D

Oh yeah, I watched the 6.30pm news and guess what! X3 I saw Claire and Wu Dani(is that how it's spelt? O.o;;) and...the back of my head in the hall. *gets hit by a flowerpot* Ah ha...Ic-chan wasn't there...pity...really shuai today ne, Ic-chan♥ =^_^=♥


Oh no you didn't see that heart...you -didn't-*growls*...RIGHT?!...*toasts you*

^^;;; Hehheh.

Sigh. I'm really off my agenda today...Have to hurry with FTP, CSS, HTML, ASP, CGI, etc.etc.
Just as a test...
f a l l e n p h o e n i x
Will that be good for a site name? O.o;;; Figured the last one sounded really lame after some time...give me your opinion, ok? XD

Anyways, I gotta do work...on my webby I mean...therefore, ja mata minna! X3

ShikuroNEKU is currently on speed overload X___________X;;;

January 19, 2004

FTP wa itai...

lol...I dunno how to use FTP O.o;;; Right now it's trial and error. Hopefully I'll get a whole chunk of the site up on Internetwizard.be tomorrow. :D

Whee...I shall now quote a few things I heard in class:
Sam: "Are you going on holiday?"
Me: "Yeah."
Sam: "*picks up pen to write on the little class list* Where?"
Me: "Sentosa!"
Sam and someone else (Silin I think): "Chay!"

Yingling: "Mr. Cheong's hair looks like ice-cream!"
HL: "Don't make me hungry! Later I got footdrills!"
Me: "*agrees* *thinks*We're all starving before recess..."

lol Right now I'm -supposed- to be typing a letter to this Chinese school thingamajig...but I'll finish in 5 minutes. Guarantee, with my typing speed X3

Yup. Going to Sentosa...and show off my AXN cap XDDD M.A.G.E. Fans, beware...
It'll be this Wednesday XD

Ya...I think I'll stop here...mata minna!

ShikuroNEKU is currently blank, as always O_.;;;

January 14, 2004

lol...new web address coming up.

Yup. Internet Wizard dot be accepted my application. X3 But...I can't login! Maybe I'll wait a little more before complaining. Hmmm. So you'll have to wait before you see me update as usual again. Oh wait...illusionfxnet hasn't replied...I wonder if they'd considered my application yet...and di.ORG too. O.o;;;;

I'm speeding now. Got tuition later. Chinese. Ic-chan, my teacher's got this Zhuan Shu dictionary...I'll see if your "qian" actually exists or not. XDDDD

Haven't got a reply for the injenn.net email yet...but I'll wait. PATIENCE.

Okays...illusionfxnet is really slow. I -still- haven't got a reply.

Yup. Requested something on the art trade...I haven't seen the person's art yet tho. Hmmm. Never mind...the more requests sent to me, the better. O.o;;; My hand is now getting lazier and lazier. And after CNY I can't use the comp anymore~ ;_; That means no more tabby pics until like, the next holiday...prolly not even the term break. June hols maybe...which also means no more RO-ing until then. *sighs*

Which suddenly reminds me of something I saw on Kids Central One Minute of Fame once(in 2003)...there was this little comment sent to the thing...the weird thing is that the sender was...a "Ying Zhen, 13". O_o I was like, "What?! Ying Zhen? *mutters* I'm really going nuts this time..." I never asked YZ about it tho. O.o;;;

Oh, and I have this little bottle of water with the words "RO water" printed on it. XD It actually stands for "Reverse Osmosis". XDDDDD

Gaaah...Spent like, an hour on my lit exercise book cover last night...y'know, I showed Pnut...it was a pic of Animal Farm. XD I'll scan it in somedays to show y'all, or if you like, ask me in school. At the moment Mr. Cheong's already abducted it, so...not now. O_o;;;;;

In class, Mr. Cheong was asking what curlecued meant. Tien suggested that it was "curling, then barbecuing." XDD

btw, PCCG first topic for sec 2 is vision vs. mission...which really amused me. Thus I shall quote Heero:
"For the MISSION!" *selfdestructs*
Wei Jia told me that little quote that greatly amused me...XD After class both of us were still quoting Heero. Haha.

Oh, and during recess, this *stick* found in the broom closet, well...sorta made Fiona very violent ^^;;;; She was fighting for it...it's like, 1m long, diameter about 1.5-2 inches. XDD Weird, no?

Come to think of it, last night I tried a little typing speed test. I note that I tend to type sense faster than nonsense letters...going at a max of 54 wpm when typing words randomly crammed together into a sentence. I believe I can go faster than that, but...nonsense, as I said, slows me down. ^^;;;

Whoops. I hear the teacher coming...I shall log off now. Ja mata minna ^^

ShikuroNEKU is currently blank-_.;;

P.S. I won't be on the net on CNY. Only the Friday after that. I'll be in Sentosa X3

January 13, 2004

Blargh. *whumph*

I'm bored...after an oekaki pic and homework (actually I'm still doing O.o;;;) Let's see...today wasn't really interesting...unless you count the fact that I ate a very mushy Kitkat before DDC and I sqwauked(sp? O.o;;;) at least 5 times today. Otherwise, nothing eventful...o.o;;;;

Found another free web host...that works ASP and CGI scripts! Yay! X3 I'll have to get into this...

Applying for an Injenn.net email...so from later onwards you can also reach me @ shikuroneku@injenn.net! XDD Don't spam tho. I've had enough of that...oh, and I'm also a staff member @ Injenn.net ;) As profile converter. i.e. Copy and paste HTML. Yay. And I'm in the art swap thing...and I'm waiting for requests O.o;;;;

Go see
and look at the background. Ic-chan -should- remember that I drew that pic...unless your brain is a sponge that doesn't hold water. (Quote me on that)

Anyways, I don't want to risk anyone finding me blogging when I'm supposed to be doing homework, so...ja mata minna! XD

ShikuroNEKU is currently @ 50wpm Whoa, that's fast.

January 09, 2004


Yeppy, I'm learning ASP now X3 Whee.

I've signed up at madsims for a web account(again) Ya.

ROShin is now base lvl 11/12, job lvl 9. I have just discovered that Chonchons are helpful.

Gotta go now. Ja mata ^_^

ShikuroNEKU is currently speeding once again -_-

January 07, 2004

Kodomo ga tabararemasu ka? (can you eat children?)

Quote my Jap teacher Satou-sensei. XD

Meh...whatwasIgonnasayagain (as one word)...oh yeah, Yingling's word of the week is "tragic". It's catchy, considering the possible uses of it...when someone tells you that not everyone's handed in their work yet..."tragic". When someone tells you that the milk's run out..."tragic". When someone tells you all you have for breakfast again is a breakfast bar..."tragic". Amazing uses for just one word. Wooooooooow.

As of the moment, Shin(RO) is now base lvl 10, job lvl 8. Thanx to Ic-CHAN's tip. I killed like, heckk know how many Porings. Halfway through I hit 100 jellopies and sold them all O.o;;; And found someone selling potions required to upgrade the job to mage...so I bought them. Yay. I still have like, 2,000+ zeny left, and hardly any more recovery items O.o;;; Was impatient yesterday and didn't bother to wait for my health to recover before killing any more Rodafrogs and Willows O.o;;;

btw, I did my 2nd site layout :D It won't be on Brinkster tho. I'm waiting for my illusionfx.net or darkillusions.org application(s) to get through. illusionfx.net will prolly be by this week if they consider my application okay. XD And I'll get a subdomain. I still need to do my site buttons tho. And the link buttons. And the CSS. Aaaargh! *dies**is revived*

Got one of those little cards on ring thingy...where you write notes...yup. For revision.

Oh yeah Ic-chan, is Brenda the one from TNS we met? I don't remember already...I think so y'know...hmm...but I haven't seen her yet. Oh, and my mortal is a certain Melissa from 1/11 X3 I dunno...I think it was the register number that made me choose her...O.o;;; Amazingly, nearly all the 1/11-ers had angels already. Hmmm.

Angels make me think of Neon Genesis Evangelion...lol. I figure it's actually fine to call me Shin-chan...which refers to Shinji ("Shin-chan's Room" is drawn in nice and clear in the manga...O.o;;;) Go figure.

lol...btw, I thought the Ic-chan obsession would go off after the holidays...seems it hasn't. O_o You know what I'm talking about. I sure you know. Shoo, shoo. Go onto the next paragraph and ignore me...O.o;;;

Ne...I gotta do my work now. Ja mata minna :D

ShikuroNEKU is currently feeling somewhat hardworking =._.= ;;;