October 29, 2004

Ometto Samba!

XD New obssession: Prince of Tennis! X3
Fuji is so cute. Why? ... Dunno. I just like characters that always smile. Or smile most of the time at least XD Quatre, Tsuzuki, Kumagorou(...?), ...
All of them smile! XD I have a Fuji badge too...found it randomly in a store ^^ Now...I want Fuji plushiiieeeeee...where did Jia get it from...*evil grin*

Got new CDs! XD Gravitation: 2 CDs, Prince of Tennis: 1 CD, which I claimed for myself. I got a free FMA CD from an artbook XD

Working on a pic now. btw the .breakfree. pic in my devART gallery...the guy in it is now called Fayt :3 Courtesy of Tale. Name from...Star Ocean...o_o And...the pic is of Fayt...kid Fayt...XD Really cute,but the wings are killing me. I think the wings are going to take the longest time, second longest is the hair I think. But I like the eyes. :3 I emphasize on eyes...you know...eyes are the window to a person's soul. Look at someone's eyes, and look at another person's eyes, and chances are you'll notice that the way the light reflects off their eyes are different. You never notice until you look carefully XD

Oh well. I shall end off now...tell me if you see any Prince of Tennis personality tests...XD Ja mata minna!

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