September 26, 2003


O.o;; I'm eating a lollipop at the moment. It's a Chupa-chups Chocolate and Vanilla lollipop. XD I love chocolate...and that reminds me. Earlier today (I think it was Art) someone (prolly 'Nut) said something odd, and I said "snicker". O.o;; Qian was like, "Where?" Apparently she thought I was referring to the chocolate. *snorts* I prefer Cadbury's...and Maltesers. *Remembers that time she bought Skittles* I was all like, "Skiddle?" under everyone's noses. Qian ate all the red ones and the last few went into Yu Ling's mashed potatoes. Appreciate the colour~. XDDDD
Current count of retrieved pics I lost through hard disk crash in compy class (btw, most of my pics are saved on the compy class' computers, or at least *were*) : 43 (I think, if you don't count the pics modified for mai layouts)
w00t. *is bored* I think I'll go oekaki...something. Heh heh. Whee...and go check Qian's taggie-board. Mine didn't seem to work. Boing. Ah well...Ja mata! XD

September 24, 2003

*Is bored*

As it says...I'm pretty bored at the moment. *snorts* I'm doing Lit homework tonight...and I'm really hopeless at writing Lit answers. Answering the question is just the problem. Yeah...
To tell the truth, I'm hoping for the exams to come as quickly as possible, cuz then I can go and get it over with. With just as much revision as I had for the PSLE...I really don't think I can score that way. Yeesh. Gotta work really hard then...
Qian's *finally* got my site name was beginning to irritate me somehow. ^^;; And seems she's reading tons of web manga. I did come across one called Mega Tokyo, and it seems that it's actually been published as a Tokyopop manga. Hmm. And I'm *still* waiting for Stressrelief to be updated. Maybe it's never going to be updated ever again ;_; Gonna miss the Lina Side.
Nuu...the linesman is freaking me at the moment. I'm never gonna write enuff for this.
Charades during PCCG today...Cammy's Star Wars impression really amused me. The Mr. Teo impression was also really amusing XDD
Drew a couple of TLK charas in mai sketchbook today: Raibane and Flash Hail. Mai current charas are the first two and Fortitude. All were named after some of the best monsters in the MRA2 cartridge. A Kirin (Sp. Tiger), a Snowcap (Sp. Tiger again) and a Gariel (Dragon x Gali).
I'll update sometime later. Till then, mata!

September 23, 2003


d00d I'm back! XDDD Yeah...doing homework. *actually not* Does anyone around here play Neopets and not want their mo-nay anymore? XDD I could do with a million...*cackles evilly* Nah...I'd rather work for it. Actually oekaki for it, cuz Leggie from is giving mo-nay away... LOL XDD
Do visit the find lots more insane people there (if I never went there, I wouldn't be a crackpot now, and I'd be more Trowa than Quatre. XD), not to mention the great artwork ^_^ j.c.'s easily the best artist around...check it out, it looks all so professional...tho the rest are not bad too, some of the artists have improved over time ^_^ So if you wanna really know, go draw something there and all! XD No one's art is ever bad, so you won't be killed by comments ^_^ I actually started oekaki-ing 2-3 years ago, so...yeah. Me not be acting high and mighty. *worships chair*
Gyahaha...*snorts* *is lazy* ^____^ Huggles to all! And...Ja ne! Mwehehe...^_^
~ ShikuroNEKU

Whee! XDD New bloggie!

^_^ New bloggie! XD Just to dump some things here so I don't forget...

A theory Qian and I developed in school:
A fish is fish-shaped. Therefore a [-blank-]fish is [-blank-]-shaped.
For example(odd-ish O.o): Angelfish, Anglerfish, Clownfish, Codfish(cord), Koi fish(coil), etc. XD

Really fun...only I couldn't laugh enough. d00d...I've got the flu...overcoughing results in not being able to swallow for the next like, 1 hr. Anyways, not much I wanna blog for now, so ja ne! ^_^