December 29, 2003


Yesh. I have 2 things to tell you all. Now. Yep. So listen up.

Numbaaaaaaaaaar 1!!!

My b'day's coming soooooooon!! Better prepare the presents, y'al-- *gets hit by a flowerpot* X.x Okay, fine, so I won't get many for 2004 as well. Hmmm.

Numbaaaaaaaaaar 2!!!

Dude, if you didn't visit the Miyuki Anime Convention 2003 Fans-tasia on Saturday, you'll really regret it. It wasn't good. It was great, wonderful, fabulous, fantastic, best, best ever, cat's meow, delicious, excellent, far out, first-class, first-rate, like wow, marvelous, primo, sensational, superb, unreal, amazing, bizarre, boss, curious, darb, exceptional, fab, fantastic, flash, gnarly, heavy, inconceivable, incredible, marvelous, odd, outstanding, particular, peculiar, phenomenal, primo, rare, remarkable, singular, some, special, strange, stupendous, surprising, terrific, tough, uncommon, unfamiliar, unheard-of, unimaginable, unique, unprecedented, unthinkable, unusual, unwonted, weird, wicked, wonderful, zero cool, etc. etc. The list goes on XDDDDDDDDD

Lots of cosplayers, lots of art booths, lots of suff ro buuuuuuuy!! X3333333 Here are just a few of the charas I recognised:
Sai (Hikaru no go)
Yuna (Final Fantasy X-2)
Rikku (ditto)
Link (I think it was Link. I'm not really sure tho.)
Frodo (Lord of the Rings)
Shugo (.hack//Legend of the Twilight Bracelet)

Here's a link to photos that I just randomly discovered!!
Apparently Paine (FF X-2) was there too. I must have forgotten in the next 3.98 seconds because of the excitement O.o;;;
Oh yeah, I had $50 to spend there and I blew it all X3 Lots of pretty artwork (the Wings Symphonia booth had a Poring doll sitting on the decoration!) and I also got a Vandread booster pack thing and a Spiral(not Uzumaki you dolt! Suiri-no-Kizuna-Spiral-thing!) tin out of randomness. Should have brought my cam along...
lol. The convention really put my art to shame ^^;;;; Check out the illustration competition entries.
Go figure. After looking at the photos I finally realised who, or what had that enormously uh...big! tail.
Which reminds me...on that day I saw someone wearing an NY jacket O.o;;; I didn't see her later tho.
The point of telling you all this? To let you know that you've missed a really great PARTY! at the Expo on Saturday. The con was, once again,

great, wonderful, fabulous, fantastic, best, best ever, cat's meow, delicious, excellent, far out, first-class, first-rate, like wow, marvelous, primo, sensational, superb, unreal, amazing, bizarre, boss, curious, darb, exceptional, fab, fantastic, flash, gnarly, heavy, inconceivable, incredible, marvelous, odd, outstanding, particular, peculiar, phenomenal, primo, rare, remarkable, singular, some, special, strange, stupendous, surprising, terrific, tough, uncommon, unfamiliar, unheard-of, unimaginable, unique, unprecedented, unthinkable, unusual, unwonted, weird, wicked, wonderful, zero cool, etc. etc. etc.

Haha. That was the only point of this rant. Wheehee~ Ja mata minna!

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December 26, 2003

Zero system activate...

Evil brinkster. Posted banner ads. Therefore I'll have to transfer my website to another host. For now...I dunno.

Sounds amazingly calm. I'm really boiling inside.

Please help me find a free web host...oh wait...maybe could help. Hmmm...

*sighs* bloggie's really empty now. Hemmmmm...I don't like it much, y'know. 'Cuz...I dunno.
D'ya really wanna know?

*goes Zero* Eheheheheee...*picks up nearest weapon and goes on a mad killing spree*

Ahaha. Never mind...I'm supposed to be doing my next site layout now...with a site name change once again O.o;;; Figured the last name was lame. O.o;;;;;;;; Oh well. Expect a less crappy site layout in the days to come.

ANIME CON!!! @ EXPO TOMORROW!! GO THERE!! *jabs all* Yesh...I've decided to go there on the grounds that I'll prolly find a really neat X'mas prezzie there. X3333333 And see if there are any GW cosplayers. Whee~

Yesterday at Toy Box in Suntec I styled a lion plushie's fur O.o;;; Tro-li. Geddit? Heheheh.

Wheee. I can't stay so long here. Still gotta work my tabby a little. Webby, as I mentioned. So there. Mata, minna-san! ^_^

ShikuroNEKU is currently over the speed limit 6_6 =3 ZOOM!!

December 19, 2003

MAGE IS OUT!! w00t w00t

XDDDD Yup, M.A.G.E. is out! Da December issue! *dundundun* ^___________^ For entering the YnM captions contest, I have won a cap sponsored by AXN Asia! Whoo! X3 Well, I believe that more than 6 people took part in the captions contest. XDD Just as well I won the cap only. The top 2 prizes had stuff I'm not particularly interested in O.o;;;; They corrected the Tatsumi-Hijiri confusion thing for me. XDD;;; Oh, and my art is also printed in it. Yep. Except that I sent in the wrong ice phoenix instead of rainbow...O.o;;; Oh well. My name is printed in the mag 3 times. Twice as CycloneX, and the other is, well, me. Now that I've completed my rant, go. buy. the. mag. Or I will -eat- you. *sharpens knives*

As of the moment, I'm installing RO on the Comp School comp. Whee. Let's see. I'll walk to Morroc. And wait 'til I see Ic-chan there. Hem. Mushrooms...they seem to be really popular in games O.o;;; Hmmm...RO, Zelda, Magi-Nation, what else? o_O;;; And I've managed to brainwash Ic-chan into playing RO. Apparently she can't be seen doing anything else O.o;;;;; Which leads to less blogging etc. Be happy I -still- blog.

Okies. Finished for some RO madness! *goes bonkers*

ShikuroNEKU is currently RO happy X33333333


Bwaaaaaaaa!!! T_T It won't connect in here! Whywhywhywhywhy.................................................................Baka thingy...*twaps it* I'll have to settle for oekaki-ing now. Hmp. I can't install it here, I'll probably never play RO again until the next holidays come...*sniffles* I really envy those people who can level up really fast.
... ...
*sighs* *is a little less hyper*And I have oekakists' block. I dunno what to draw now...

December 16, 2003

Hem, hem.

No, I've *not* turned into Professor Umbridge. Hrm.

RO has fixed my account! X33333 But my chara was deleted. And the name taken. Oh well. My new chara is called Shinryuu. O.o;;;;;; Yup. And people call me Shin. No surprise huh...I was invited to join their party just now...and there was another person who looked like my chara's identical twin. O_o Still a novice. Still haven't got a Santa hat from a Santa Poring. I'll try tomorrow. Hm. My level is a paltry 2 or 3. So is my job level. Planning to be a mage. The spells are really cool, y'know. Still deciding whether I should focus on Ice/Wind skills or Fire skills. Or be an all-rounder. Maybe ice. Too many people are fire mages. I've seen people zap others with spells and such to, uh, take revenge? O.o;;;;;; Like...Agility down or something, and once someone in the party threatened to warp another party member to Glast Heim. I've been there once because of an accident, and got killed instantly be a high-levelled monster...O.o;;; Believe me, it's deadly. On to mages. Mages are neat. have to get clothes first. Decent-looking clothes. Believe me, other than the Acolyte, Merchant and Archer girls, the costumes for the jobs are really indecent. Therefore I have decided to save up for a coat or something. Hem. Strange, no? It's just the second day I've used this chara and people want me in their party already. Does it happen to eveyone? Maybe first chara didn't have anyone asking at all.

Roleplaying. Dude, I really can't do stuff like that X_x I'll die halfway through or just get lazy and warp off to play RO or something. Hem. O.o;;;

Ano...someone sent an email to lms account...selling anime and manga. Not much really, but they have the

I really want that! I've never been able to find the vcd, or the dvd, or whatever for the matter! Wonder if I can get it this way. Hrmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. btw, tell me if you see the YnM vcd anywhere in shops and stuff. Me wanna. *pulls Tsuzuki puppy's ears*

I really don't feel like typing now. Wanna fiddle with my handphone and set Nanashi's gift piccy as a background. :D Spent a long time trying to do thatthis afternoon and discovered that I got the file name wrong. Hrm. Oh, and I found 2 icons that Leggie did for me for a request. XDDDD She didn't delete it off Injenn.Net. Lucky! ^_^

Okays. Ja mata minna-san! ^_^

ShikuroNEKU is currently thinking of RO party 9_9;; Hmm.

December 12, 2003


Whee. Just a quickie. Some Mensa questions XDDDD And a feghoot.

A feghoot is a question which has an answer tweaked from a popular saying/whatever. XD Like this one:

3 squires went for animal rides. The first rode a giraffe, the second rode a...deer? ^^;; And the third was so heavy (precisely the weight of the other two squires added together) that he had to ride a hippopotamus.

The answer?

"The squire on the hippopotamus is equal to the sum of the squires on the other two rides."
(Actually "The square of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides.")

And some kickself questions too. Come to think of it, I don't remember any...but maybe I can give you some odd questions. XDD

A carrot, pieces of coal, buttons, and a scarf were found on the ground. Assuming no one left them where they were, how did they get there in the first place?

Ans: Snowman.

What does almost everyone have an over-average number of?

Ans: Fingers/Arms/Legs/Toes/Feet/Hands/Eyes/Teeth/etc. Go figure out why. -average.-

I don't remember any more at the moment...but I'll be back! XDDDDD Go figure.

Back again :D

Yeppy. Now to continue with my odd rant. Hmm.

Tuesday (again)
Yup. After the odd animal show (Quote:"How long is this Maggie?" "10 feet!""10 FEET?!" XD)(what? I didn't mention it? O.o;;) we went hunting for more animals. Lots of bats. XD And couldn't spot any leopards until someone else pointed them out O.o;;; Had a fish burger (not any better than the school ones, except it had cheese and mayo and veg)

Watched my brother complete Megaman Zero 2. Amazing, considering the fact that ha only started playing on like, Monday O.o And raised Elli's heart thing to yellow. 'Kays, fine, so it's not really related. 'Cept for the fact that I tweaked Phoenix Magnion's design somewhat for a chara design. *gets hit by a flowerpot and is dragged away*
*Comes back to life* Okaaaaaaaaaay...went all over S'pore, rode on the NE line and the LRT at...I forgot. Then...we went to Orchard to see the "snow". Sarcastic "snow". 'Twas detergent...nothing special really, and my feet nearly broke out in blisters. Yeesh.

Just finished oekaki-ing a small piccy for someone else. O.o 20 min 48 secs. I think I did a little too much on the eye. I always do O.o;;;;;; btw, "tai" is red snapper. XDD

*visits Ic-chan's RPG board* Kinda empty huh...writing stuff scares me...except for my blog. O.o;;;; and...stuff. lol, y'know, like Ms. Toh said, "Faux pas". Whee. I am decidedly odd. Oh, and the colour scheme seriously need editing. *_* It's waaaaaaaay too scary. Hmm. And Ic-chan *still* hasn't updated her-- his blog. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Yesh. What should I type now...oh yeah, y'know what, in Japan if you drink from the same can of drink, (especially between members of the opposite gender) it can be considered an indirect kiss...O_o;;;; It didn't occur to me during the two times Ic-chan decided to *ahemahem* -borrow- my can of green tea in school.

There are no underlying implications in the previous 2 sentences. Period.

There's currently only 1 new message on Ic-chan's taggie-board...sadly...

In the order I visit frequented sites:
1. Injenn.Net oekaki
2. My blog (and taggie-board)
3. Ic-chan's taggie-board
4. Ic-chan's blog
5. My oekaki

lol. In the order of updates.

I shall now quote Ic-CHAN:

I accidentally hammered my cow. Because of the tool-switching thing. Changed the order of the tools and made a mistake O.o;;; My cow now gives Gold Milk and my sheep gives Gold Wool X3333 Now for the chickens! XDD btw, Gotz doesn't feel like working...sadly...I wanted to expand my chicken coop. Yeesh...
Y'know what...Heero looks like a cross between Cliff and the doctor. Amusingly.

Whee. Me wanna oekaki something again. Hmm. Now what...let's see...I dunno. It might take long.
*is reminded of kiriban* AHHHHHHHHHH!!! NOOOOOO!! I FORGOT!! (as usual)
*mutters* It just has to be Eyes and Kanone. Hmm. Can't ever draw 'em properly...*hopes Kai has forgotten* Ehehe...I hardly ever do my requests anyways...I give gifts X3 Just wait until I get the hang of it, and it'll be done. Sometime O.o

btw, you people had better not forget my's the 32nd of December (XD) *gets hit by a flowerpot* Fine. It's New Year's Day...o_o This year I didn't get any gifts from the oekaki people. Hmm. Meh, I'm not that good, really. You people have been hypnotised. Yesh.

Gotta get ready for class soon...^_^ ja mata, minna!

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December 11, 2003

X33333 Tadaima~!

Yup. I'm back after heck knows how long of a holiday in S'pore. XDDDD Ic-chan's posted a Christmassy pic on the oekaki...*amusion* I can never get enough of tones and never get the tones done properly. XD Whee. Go figure.

Here's a short documentary of what the heck I've been up to for the past few days:

Culture event in Jap school. Making of New Year cards! X3333 I'll scan and upload the pic on the oekaki/deviantART later. Not the pic I drew, but the one my Jap teacher (Satoh-sensei) drew. Out of randomness XDDD Quote:
"In Japan, ichiban takai desu yo!"
(Most expensive in Japan)
Whoops. I forgot to say what. It's tai, a kind of fish. Think taiyaki (which has no fish in it actually). I asked for the pic and he gladly gave it to me. X3 Then he crumpled up another pic of a frog he drew O.o;;;;;; He's really odd. Once he asked me, "Sensei wa dare desu ka?" and I was like, "HUH?!"
The reaction:
*knocks me on the head with the marker**repeats question*
Me: *answer*
Satoh-san: "I am a strange teacher."
If you aren't sweatdropping already, it's a wonder.
I still haven't decided who to post mai new year card to. X3 Give me suggestions. XD

Had fun with the video cam. XDD Went ot this place (I forgot) and filmed the sea and such. And an ant (I think it was ant) nest. And a half-buried tyre. And a coconut. And barnacles. XDDDDD If you're insane like me, you'll laugh your head off when you hear me saying, "Barnaclesssssss..." dementedly while the cam is focused on the things. XDDD
Watched Elf. lol. Odd.

Spent the morning/afternoon waiting for my mother to perm her hair. After that, we went! Theeeeeeeeen...we went to the big durians. XDDD And filmed crabs. Lots of tiny ones. If you watch that section of tape, you'll go raving mad bonkers over my bro's and my commentary on the crabs. XDDD I got the Merlion in the pic too. And the Fullerton hotel.
We went to the Night Safari ^_^ I had more fun with the vid cam (AHHHH!! SHORT FORMS!!). Filmed otters and a fishing cat. If you get a chance to watch it, you'll notice there's a "mrow" somewhere which the cat didn't meow. I did O.o;;; Saw deer. And rhino. And hippo. And a boa constrictor. Whoo!

Meh. I'll continue tomeorrow. Till then, ja mata minna san! ^_^

ShikuroNEKU is currently wet, cold and dripping from the torrential rain. -_-;;;;;;;;;;

December 05, 2003


I figure the Wushu people are going to East for like, 3 days, this blog will be underpopulated. O.o

Just a quick post now XD

I uploaded a pic of the 3D fox onto deviantART, so go see XDDDD

In Harvest Moon, the Truth Jewel in the horse's water tank is on the right side. XD Oh, and Buckwheat flour and Rice cakes have taken over my fridge...O_o;;;; I got a free bag of grass seed from Karen X3 Considering I only used to give Karen and Elli (scandal! XD) stuff, it's not really surprising if I tell you that there was another event with Elli too X3 But none with the other girls. XD But of course I didn't get anything from Elli O.o

Ic-kun's joined the Injenn.Net oekaki peoples!! X3333333333333333333333333 *is happy* Go scan Tro-li okie? XDD And I'll sketch Hee-li sometime. XD Quote what I said about Qua-li:"If you see something glowing neon orange walking on the streets at night, you know what it is." XDDDDDD I remember the response too! "...Sweatdrop..." *amused*

Ne...I wonder why most of the people from NY that frequent my blog are Wushu peoples...actually all (assuming all who read my blog posts something on the tag-board/commenting system) are Wushu peoples O.o;;; Resulting in a serious drop in visitors. Next kiriban is 250 on my site, mind. *is still doing 111 kiriban**has drawn Chibi-Kanone holding takoyaki out of serious randomness* Chibi-Eyes doesn't work so well. O.o Chibi Kanone looks more Kanone-ish. Hmmmm.

Bleh. Entered Nanashi's Winter Layout Helpout. With a pic of Christmassy Youdomon. On Injenn.Net oekaki, as always :D

Dinner be exactly like last week' pancakes. O.o;;;

AUGH...Piano class tomorrow...I absolutely hate piano class...especially the theory I have to do now...can't they just understand I'm being squashed to death already?!?!? Look, the last lesson was Thursday! I don't have that much time to do my work! I still have my Jap to do (which is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more *important* than piano lessons)! *sighs* Guess the only way to let off steam without getting told off for complaining is to rant here...where more people know. (XD) Geh...Had only one day's practice.

Eek...time to go...Ja mata minna ^_^

ShikuroNEKU is currently speeding O_O

December 02, 2003

New description! XD

Yesh. I put in a new description, from the translation of mai fave song. XD Here's the full translation, courtesy of XD

Brave Heart
Vocals: Miyazaki Ayumi

If given a second, anyone can give up and run
So just keep on walking

There's something only you can do
So that this blue planet doesn't lose it's light

Seize the dreams you had!
Protect your beloved friends!
You can become stronger
Unknown power dwells in your heart, when its fire is lit
Any wish, it's true
Will surely be me your brave heart

Not every day is sunny, so sometimes
Even though a cold rain is falling, just open your umbrella

There's no map of how to live, that's why we're free
You can go anywhere

Run faster than the wind!
Aim farther than the skies!
You can meet a new you
Unknown courage sleeps in your heart, and when you realize
The downpour in your heart
Will surely me your brave heart

Seize the bright tomorrow!
Protect the ones you love!
You can become stronger
Break that weak self!
Destroy the walls blocking you!
The warm beat of your heart will be your weapon
Believe in your heart

The notes of the "show me your brave heart" bit are a little difficult to get. Chotto muzukashii ne! But the tune is really nice, and so are the lyrics X3 Mind, the above is a translation.
Every so often, I can be heard singing this when I'm bored or something. XD I can't seem to find the MIDI or mp3 for Hiyono's Twinkle My Heart tho...If you find it, tell me okies? XD

I've posted waaaaaaaaaay too many new pics on deviantART XD
btw, I received a reply from Ms Tay on the X'massy pic...Ic-kun, you may want to know, or maybe not care (o_o), but Ms Tay is transferring to another school pretty soon. Mmmm. Not that I have a lot to say about it. O.o

3ds Max assessment XD I'm allowed to do anything I like that hasn't been done before, so I'm doing something that started off really random-ish. XD I was toying with the program and created a I'm gonna tweak it a little on Friday and animate it X3 I'll upload the rendered version when it's finished, and working XD

I feel sooooooooo professional. XD Doing 3D pics. I'm soooooooooooo smar-- *gets hit by a flowerpot* Change that. I'm sooooooooooooooooo baka. XD Happy? O.o

I shall now do a test oekaki of Eyes/Kanone now...pray I don't die doing it so I can finish the kiriban pic, Kai XD

My Harvest Moon game is gooood. XD As of the moment, I'm growing sweet potatoes, and I harvest 32 a day XD Add on the 4 eggs, Medium milk, 3 apples and honey, and the odd mushrooms and (medium)wool and fish, and you get...the cash rolling in. XD I'm RICH!! Mwahahaaaaaaaaaa!!
Still need to find stuff to dump on Elli. Karen's way to difficult to find. She's nowhere when you've got something she likes o_o At least Elli's usually in the hospital. Except for Wednesdays and event days. Y'know what...if you try going upstairs in the hospital, you get a really odd looking doctor telling you not to go upstairs. Dig the sweatdrop. Hen na kao ^^;;;

Heh...all my chickens have 6 hearts each already XD Kazusa has 4, Dolly has 5 XD and I have crop circles cut into the grass. I have an odd way of cutting grass. XD My dog has won the prize for the beach thing. I currently have 2 power berries and another power-berry-thing-that-is-blue. long do you have to give gifts to girls before the heart thing changes colour? They're all still grey T_T

In the winter I plan to go mining and fishing X3 and chopping branches. And shipping animal products of course. And fishing in the odd underground lake. After a fishing rod upgrade of course. XD Right now I can only raise it to copper, but I'll try to get at least gold, if not mystrile. XD Higher chances of getting King fish, see. There's 6 in total.

Meh. I'll really go to try Kanone and Eyes on the oekaki now(o_o), thusly I shall stop typing here. (Sounds like those Chinese Si Han things. XD) Ja mata, minna san ^_^

ShikuroNEKU is currently typing-oekaki-deviantART-uploading-Harvest-Moon-happy XDDDDD

December 01, 2003



Those who happen to be in Singapore for this month or something, go stalk the M.A.G.E. mag. Or -else-...

I'm a walking ad. XDXDXD XD;;;;;;

XD New pic at deviantART!! Lion Watari-san. XDXD I've already lion-fied Trowa, Quatre, Duo, Heero, Relena, more, methinks. Imagine a lion Wufei. Now -that- is odd. XD

Which brings me back to some odd memories from earlier in the year...
Ic-kun may know this. XD Pokemon GW charas! XD In order of creation:
Duomander (the blu-tack figurine)
Tro-tle (or Squirtro)

XD I'll leave you to find out what they are. XDD

Meh...Go see mai oekaki.
The oekaki controls take some time to get used to, but there are lots more things on it than the simpler versions. XD

Need to remind kiriban for Kai...Eyes and Kanone from Spiral...gah...It's a pathetic 111. Go visit my site. I -dare- you to. XD

More Harvest Moon:
My 4th chicken is called Riko, also from Yami no Matsuei. XDDDDDD
I look forward to getting back my horse...XD

Elli likes Blue Magic Flowers (or was it Blue Magic Grass O.o;;) and Pink Cat flowers
If you stand facing the waterfall near the mine with only ores in it and throw in something, the Harvest Goddess will appear and ask if you want to connect to a GameCube. If not, she'll tell you if she liked the thing you threw in. Therefore if you fished out a boot there, don't fling it back in O.o;;; She especially likes farm produce. I don't know about fodder and chicken feed though O.o;;;
Yesss...and grow more sweet gets the cash rolling in XD

Also have to do my war portfolio...gah...

Believe me, "holiday homework" is a really good example of an oxymoron. It really is. Especially "end-of-year holiday homework". And "hand in your homework next year, when school begins". Yeesh...

I've just been told that I cannot eat my Kit-kat. I'm only allowed to nibble at it. O_o;;;; Either way, it still gets eaten...odd...

Heh. I've lost 2kg...XD I remember in a week where there were 3 parties, I lost 8kg...which comes to show that parties are good for you. I regained the lost weight the next week O.o;;

Me wanna go now...ja mata, minna :D


ShikuroNEKU is currently staring longingly at the Kit-kat bar lying on the comp table ._.;;;;;;;;;;;;