August 24, 2004

Boo. XD

Hello. Long time no see ne XD

Got stuff to update on...

Firstly, RO.
Shin's stats:
Base lv: 40
Job lv: 30
Skills: Fire Bolt Lv4, FireBall lv5, Fire Wall lv1, Cold Bolt lv5, Frost Diver lv1, Lightning Bolt lv1, Sight lv1, Soul Strike lv3, Napalm Beat lv4 and Detoxify(mwahahaaaaaaaaa) lv1. Am I missing something? o_o
Area: 2 squares below Morroc...rather profitable, and lots of exp XD Thanks to Ellessis' suggestion.

New anime obssession X3
Mwee! Can go see an odd analysis on DevART
And. For an online test I got Shuichi XD As expected.

You've been overdosed so many times with chocolate and pocky, that hyperactiveness has become second nature to you. You usually act without thinking, and you trust people too easily, but everything always has a way of working out for you in the end. You also adore blonde nicotine-enhanced writers who think you've got zero talent - but who doesn't?

Which Gravitation Character Are You?

Guess what! I like strawberry Pocky too! XD XD XD

You own an exciting and passion also with your determination.

Sometimes you have the happiness and the unconsciousness of a baby, without a particolar reason... But it's funny, isn't it?

You can also show you as mature and serious, but only when you thing that it needs.

You are a social guy, expansive, you know your talent and you like spread happiness to everyone is next to you.

Well. That's kind of expected XD Yay!

Anywhoooooooo. Blogging in school. So. Gotta finish now. Ja mata! XD

ShikuroNEKU's mood: hyper

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