January 07, 2005

Blind typing

Yes. I typed this while the screen was taken over by the teacher's com XD

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown forx jumps over the lazy dog.

hibite (hashitte) iru kimi no koe
koko de tachidomaru you na jikan wa nai sa

Logo design - BYTE CLUB logo

Design is an evolutionary process. One idea leads to another; oneimage sparks in an idea for the next. Solutions are ffound in the mixing of image and typographic elements - sizing, shaping, adjusting the proximity of one object to another etc.

1. Collect Visual puzzle pieces - bitmaps, clip art, symbols (wingdings)
See other logos

(cannot be accessed from school)

2. Scribble/sketch as many different ideas combining variouys images. Bear in mind the objective is to produce a logo that represents the identity of the club, an identity you want to be part of. Pick 5 strong ideas.

3. Rest and Recovery. See if anything can be simplified.

4. Refind your design: think about simplifying (geometric) shapes, vary the height and width (stretch, skew), distort, add colour; Font outlines, shadows, Typeface.
Think about having an All TYPE logo, or SYMBOLS Logo

5. Add the club's name

6. Test the effectiveness of the logo by showing it to classmates, siblings, parents to at least 2 or 3 people sho know little or nothing about the club.

7. Collectively, choose and finalise the design.

8. Create usage guidelines, and JPEG or TIF files stored for ready use.


Note the various typo errors o_o

Hm. Have to do this Passionata project thing for English. I think I'll do it on RO :3

I can do:
Research on the background of RO
Screenshots with captions
Record of Shin's stats
Miscellanous...have to think about it

Now the only problem I have is organising it. It sounds logical to do it in a sketchbook...but it'd be impossibly hard to put in a content page and the pages are limited.


It's best to do it on pieces of paper then bind it :) But. I need to get the hardcover done by Mon x_x
I'll have to find a way around it then o_o

On school.
This year I'm in 3/10. With a lot of people I know :)
Jia happens to be sitting beside me. And Lingo :3
Qian's there too.
I happen to be sitting in the middle of three at the farthest end of the classroom from the front door...o_o
School's been okay so far...I'm waiting for something exciting to happen.
There's been some portfolio things going on...
Oh yeah Bett's also there, Nat (Ng) is there, ...quite a few bridge players XD

Played bridge today...or at least shuffled the deck.
That resulted in 'vonne's hand having 3 aces, 2 kings, and I think a few Jacks or Queens. She played open hand for fun and won XD The trump was clubs.
I have a lot of fun putting down my King of Clubs...XD

Learnt to snap my fingers over the holidays...this has to do with Roy Mustang. Fire~

Listened to Invoke (Gundam Seed) and decided it sounded like a song out of Gravitation. I wonder why? They're not related at all...

Right now I'm *supposed* to be doing a logo for Byte Club...DDC and com club merged.
Hey...that one in the workbin looks like mine...XD The pacman thing with Byte Club next to it. Mine looks like Byte lub tho. The C is the CD pacman thing...XD
I like my logo :3

Been playing with fractals...Can see more on my gallery. And I think I 'll do avatars too :3 Caught the bug after collecting secret avatars on Neopets.
Animated avatars X3

Arr. Have to go now. Ja mata then ^^

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